In current times, mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives. It is not wrong to say that every time we pick up our phones, it is definitely to use some kind of app. Seeing the craze of users for apps, every business from startups or well-established ones in the market is looking forward to growing its customer base with the help of robust and scalable app.

Due to the ease of use, mobile-friendliness, and convenient features the usage of mobile apps has increased and assures a promising future. As a business, if you are looking forward to creating a mobile app, you need to partner with a top mobile app development company in North Carolina. Making a good company your companion will help you to speed up the development process and deploy error-free applications.

If you Google to find a reliable company, you will see countless companies claiming their greatness in the field. But, to assist you, we have done thorough research and brought a list of best North Carolina’s leading mobile app development companies that will help you achieve your desired results.

Mobile Applications Stats

Mobile applications stats have shown amazing growth and looking at the market, it is right to say that building your mobile app is the best decision you can take for your business.

To better understand this market, we will go through some of the statistics that will push your idea of working with Top North Carolina Mobile App Development Companies & tell you the potential the market holds.

Revenue of mobile apps worldwide 2019-2027, by segment


With the above image, you can see the growing demand for mobile apps displaying the future of mobile apps going to grow. This image includes 21 segments showcasing the comparison. One noteworthy aspect is that among the different segments, game apps are most in-demand with 249.9 billion dollars.

Apart from this, other stats also favored the increasing demand and popularity of mobile apps-

  • 87 million apps are available on Google Play Store.
  • Apple App Store has 1.96 million apps presented.
  • An average mobile user utilizes 10 apps every day.

As we move forward to the future, there will be a breakthrough in mobile app development. This is encouraging for businesses looking to hire mobile app development agencies in North Carolina. Now, let’s look at those companies that will turn your mobile app idea into reality.

List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in North Carolina

There are many mobile app development companies in NC, but finding a reliable and experienced company is a tough nut to crack. But, what can we say, we have already researched on your behalf and brought you the list of best mobile app development companies in North Carolina, USA. This list will help you to hire the right company that offers personalized and affordable services.

1. We AppIt LLC


We AppIt LLC

Starting the list with the best, We AppIt LLC is one of the top mobile app development companies in North Carolina which has years of expertise and experience to deliver user-friendly and scalable solutions. This company has worked with several businesses including SMEs & world-class brands to help them grow their revenue and take their business to new heights.

To create impactful solutions, they work with agile methodologies that help develop business-centric mobile and web solutions quickly & efficiently. Their contribution to the industry has also made them renowned top fitness and salon app development company in North Carolina. Plan your launch; they will help in the process.

Founded Year: 2017

Company Size: 10-49

Avg. Hourly Rate: $50-$99/hr

Top Clients: Ysily, SatPay and more

Minimum Project Size: $5,000+

Location: North Carolina (USA)

Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, UI/UX Design, Application Management, and more.

2. OpenXcell



The list of top 10 mobile app development companies in North Carolina will not be complete without OpenXcell. The company helps businesses build eye-captivating & beautiful websites and mobile apps. These apps aim to cater to different industries showcasing their scalability and features.

They have delivered several solutions in different domains tailored to client requirements & raised their profits. They have a team of expert developers, designers, and IT experts who can easily launch and scale your business solution.

Founded Year: 2009

Company Size: 250-999

Avg. Hourly Rate: <$25/hr

Top Clients: Mover Storage, MEET Musically, MyTab, PractWorks, EngagePulse, and others.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000+

Location: USA, UK, and Australia

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, Blockchain, UI/UX Design, Web Design, and more.

3. SDLC Corp


SDLC CorpSDLC Corp is one of the top mobile app development companies in North Carolina. They have experience of 7+ years and have transformed 50+ businesses. Moreover, they have expertise in emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, & IoT, and cater to businesses of different domains.

They have a team of expert developers and IT experts who have served startups, SMEs, and big companies. They take pride in delivering businesses with the right solution that strengthens their presence and improves their market value.

Founded Year: 2015

Company Size: 250-999

Avg. Hourly Rate: <$25/hr

Top Clients: UPYO, zilch, Holland & Barrett, Bitstamp & more.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000+

Location: USA

Services: Mobile Development, Web Development, Game Development, Ecommerce Development & More.

4. Anadea



It is hard to make an online presence without a mobile app. In order to do so, you have to partner with “ Anadea”. They have developed custom mobile app development solutions that have assisted many businesses in moving ahead of their competitors.

This IT firm has created solutions in different domains including Education, Healthcare, Enterprise Resource Planning, e-commerce, Retail, Sports, Insurance, and many more. Founded in 2000, the company still stands tall among the top mobile app development companies in North Carolina. Moreover, they have expertise in strengthening businesses of all sizes through automation, digitalization, and more.

Founded Year: 2000

Company Size: 50-249

Average Hourly Rate: $50-$99/hr

Top Clients: Zillow, ProMed, MoneyZen, Bulletin, OnTrac, ListingDoor, and others.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000+

Location: Spain, Alicante

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, AI Development, and more.

5. Designli



The quality of your mobile app can make your business either fail or reach the top. So, it is necessary to partner with such a mobile app development firm in the USA that understands your mission and works towards building a top solution.

Designli will be the right partner for you, from conceptualization to launch; they will assist and guide you at every step. They’ve empowered many global clients with exceptional solutions that have helped them to grow their business properly.

Founded Year: 2013

Company Size: 10-49

Average Hourly Rate: $100-$149/hr

Top clients: EarthLink, Michelin, Accel Entertainment, Rotary Club of Lenoir NC, & more.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000+

Location: USA

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development & UI/UX Design, and more.

6. Exyte



Exyte is another name in this list that has maintained its quality and trust throughout its journey. The IT firm aims to develop such websites and mobile apps that speed up your growth and give you a competitive edge.

They work with state-of-the-art technology & innovation which helped them to bag their name on top lists. Many businesses have transformed their fate by utilizing their Android app development services in North Carolina.

Founded Year: 2014

Company Size: 10-49

Average Hourly Rate: $50-$99/hr

Top Clients: AirMeasure, Nourish, Voicely, Walktober, Trace, RedRhino, and more.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000+

Location: USA

Services: Mobile App Development, Technology & Services, Commissioning, Project & Construction Management, and more.

7. Aspired



Aspired is one of the prestigious mobile app development companies that has transformed the fate of many businesses by being their partner. For their contribution to the industry, they have also won the Forbes Business Awards 2020.

Their vision is to help businesses struggling with finding a good team, they can hire top mobile app developers in North Carolina from Aspired. You can take their help to grow your business with a top-level mobile app and eliminate every barrier coming your way to a better future.

Founded Year: 2020

Company Size: 50-249

Average Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Top Clients: Curious, Tridimensional Chess, Persha, Famed & More.

Minimum Project Size: $50,000+

Location: USA, Pakistan, & Dubai

Services: Game Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Web Development, and more.

8. RaftLabs



Raftlabs is a favorable name when talking about web and mobile app Development Companies in North Carolina. The company has launched result-oriented solutions for startups, agencies to big ventures. They have worked with many top brands like Aldi, Energia, and others to move their business towards growth.

The IT firm delivers expertise in different domains including Media, Marketing, AI development & more. Their focus is on media tech & communication, and marketing tech. To build a custom solution, you can utilize their Android or iOS app development services in North Carolina.

Founded Year: 2017

Company Size: 10-49

Average Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Top Clients: Aldi, Vodafone, Energia, Instantor, & more.

Minimum Project Size: $10,000+

Location: Ireland and India

Services: Software Development, Mobile App Development, Web Development, and more.

9. Trango Tech


Trango Tech

Whether you want to increase your sales or improve your presence, Trango Tech is a reliable partner for you. You can hire top North Carolina mobile app developers & IT experts from their company who have the expertise to develop a top-notch app with exceptional features.

They have hands-on experience in different domains including Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, e-commerce, and Food. From Android, iOS, and cross-platform, they can build solutions as per your needs and project requirements.

Founded Year: 2003

Company Size: 250-999

Average Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Top Clients: Helpp, Goto, Oaks, Matchbox, and more.

Minimum Project Size: Undisclosed

Location: USA

Services: Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development, AR/VR Development, E-commerce Development, and more.

10. Attract Group


Attract Group

A team of IT professionals driven to solve business problems is waiting for you to deliver excellent web, mobile & custom solutions that attract your users. It is a leading name in Top North Carolina Mobile App Development Companies that has delivered exceptional services and improved user experience.

By partnering with them, you can get fascinating apps and satisfy a vast audience while achieving your business goal simultaneously. It is more than a decade-old company that has delivered more than 128 successful projects as of now. Their portfolio features diverse solutions for Android and iOS platforms. You can unlock a whole new world of opportunities by partnering with them.

Founded Year: 2011

Company Size: 50-249

Average Hourly Rate: $25-$49/hr

Top Clients: Wild Atlantic Health, Flustr, Marvellous, Marcel, and more.

Minimum Project Size: $25,000+

Location: Netherlands & USA

Services: Web Development, Mobile App Development, MVP Development, Business Analysis, and more.

Tips to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company

We have shared all the top companies in North Carolina with you. However, you can’t work with all of them. Right? So, how can one choose the Best Mobile App Development Company?

Well, we are giving you some tips that have helped many businesses and will help you too. You can use this evaluation criteria to find a company that can work with your requirements and deliver their excellence. Without any delay, let’s dive into

A. Find and shortlist companies

To find the best mobile app development company, you need to gather and shortlist the best companies which we already did in the above column. Moreover, there are several mobile apps present in the market such as gaming apps, eCommerce apps, fitness apps, and others. In order to find a good company, you should understand what kind of mobile app you want? Whether you want Android or iOS app development? Answering these questions will help you shortlist the companies that fit well in your requirements.

B. Evaluate their portfolio

Now, to shorten the list more. Start evaluating their work.

It is necessary to know the kind of mobile apps they have built for their clients. The more diverse their portfolio, the more experienced they are. You will be able to grasp their level of expertise, UI/UX skills, and get an idea of whether they have worked on similar projects like you or not.

C. Examine their management process

From ideation to deployment, there is so much work. It is necessary to get details timely to get your app developed the way you want. This way, if you want any change at any stage, you can communicate your requirements to them & get it done. Understanding and evaluating the project management process will help you gain knowledge about their technique. Also, it is necessary to check whether they assign you a project manager or not, who can give you timely updates about your project. You can explore their pattern and check whether it is suitable for you or not.

D. Assess your budget

Cost is a really important factor. Some companies will offer you the same services at a low price and some will charge you double your budget. Getting your work done at lower prices may cost you your app security and more expenses in the future. Whereas, spending much also doesn’t assure that you are going to get the best. So, what’s the solution? It is suggested to analyze the quality and service you are getting at a particular price. Also, before you hire mobile app developers, make sure you have a flexible budget and have figured out your requirements.

E. Consider app support and maintenance services

Launching your app doesn’t mean the work is done. It means your grind has just started. If the company launches your app and vanishes into thin air, believe it or not, the app will hit rock bottom. So, it is necessary to know whether the company you are going to choose will provide support and maintenance services or not.

There is so much work even after the deployment too. Once the download increases, you will get user reviews and get to know about the areas of improvement. Also, your app can remain future-proof and free from bugs only with continued evaluation and new updates.

Hire Mobile App Developers in North Carolina


With the changing demands of users, mobile app development will see huge growth. Whether you are a small business or a well-established one, getting a mobile app is no longer a choice but has become a necessity. We have given all the best mobile app development companies in the North Carolina, you can check their pricing, portfolio, and other vital elements to decide for yourself.

With that, we have also shared the best tips for choosing the right Mobile App Development Company. If you have an idea and want to see it as a digital solution, then it is best to take steps forward. Through mobile apps, you can target more users, and boost your revenue. So, without any delay get started as soon as you can.



Mobile application development is the process of creating and deploying software applications that run efficiently on mobile devices. Businesses are launching their mobile apps to reach more users and make profits.

The cost to hire an app developer can vary depending on the company you are hiring from and on the developers’ experience. For instance, developers with less experience charge less, whereas an experienced developer will charge you more. On average, they can charge somewhere $50 to $90 per hour.

The cost to build a mobile app in North Carolina, USA can range from $15,000 to $50,000. The app price can increase or decrease depending on different factors such as features, complexity of your app, tech stack used, location of the company, and much more.

You can hire a top mobile app development company in North Carolina, USA by shortlisting some companies, checking their portfolio, and assessing their experience. This way you can get to know whether the company can fulfill your project requirement or not. And, it will eventually help you reach the right app development company.

Yes, due to the increasing adoption of mobile apps and internet penetration, the demand for app developers is at an all-time high. This also shows a promising future for mobile app development, because more and more businesses are taking part in building business-oriented apps.