What do you do when you are bored?

Scroll Instagram reels, run through the best Netflix movies to watch, call your friend, or take a walk. But, this boredom can be vulnerable for us eventually. And, it becomes hard to find a way to keep us entertained throughout the day.

But, don’t worry. If you feel like this, you are not alone. Boredom is a common phenomenon, that hits everyone hard at a certain point, but there are options available to cure it.

You might be wondering what are they?

So, sit back and relax; you might need some websites to go when you’re bored to keep you entertained. We have brought some of the cool websites. These websites are promising, engaging, and full of different activities to expel the humdrum.

Let’s check them out

List of Best Fun Websites

Moving forward, while searching for best fun websites for when you are bored, we came across so many amazing websites. Some were really boring websites, whereas others were quite fun and engaging. But, we have brought this list of websites which entertained us. Believe it or not, once you use them, you will surely get addicted. So, without any further ado, let’s get to know them-

1. Sporcle


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Are you into trivia experience? Join the largest community quiz community where you can play quizzes related to movies, guessing animals, states, and much more. Sporcle is one of the interesting websites where you can not only play but also create your own quiz of different categories.

2. Staggering Beauty


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Staggering beauty is one of the useless websites that will surely cure dullness. It has a wiggly worm that when you make any move through your cursor. Fun, Right? This might not make sense to you, but users from around the world like to use the website.

3. Paper Toilet


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

You have seen kids playing with toilet rolls and getting scolded by moms. But, even a lot of adults like to do the same thing without getting caught by mothers. Paper Toilet is of fun and random website that lets you do the same just on your phone.

4. Bees, Bees, Bees


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Among many other websites to waste time on, this one stands out. When you click on the link, you will see Oprah’s GIF where she is shouting bees and looks like laughing at the suffering she caused her audience. LOL, we do love Oprah, but this GIF is surely hilarious.

5. Giphy


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Using GIFs has become a new trend while talking to your friends or posting a comment. Now and then, we all search for such GIFs that suit the conversation and look funny. Giphy can help you with that; the website is full of short videos, animated GIFs & much more that you can save to favorite or share with your friends. If you are looking to find websites for fun, then Giphy might be it.

6. Pointer Pointer


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

It is yet another masterpiece and fun website to cure boredom. Once you go to the website, you will see quirky images and photos within every few seconds that are enough to make you chuckle. It is the best website to waste your time when you have nothing else to do.

7. The Oatmeal


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

How to know your cat is plotting to kill you? We are not telling you a solution. But, you can read about it on Oatmeal. Nothing serious, but it’s a bunch of funny comics, day-to-day stories, and quizzes that will surely become one of the light-hearted websites to go on when bored.

8. Drench


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

If you are looking for fun game websites? then you can try Drench. It has a board full of different colors; all you have to do is drench the board of one color to win the game. Fun, isn’t it? Well, it is more once you use it.

9. Listverse


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

One of the things to do online when bored is to read something interesting that not only passes your time but also improves your knowledge. Listverse is best for you to do so. This website comprises diverse topics from entertainment to science.

10. Spend Elon’s Fortune


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

If you have all the money Elon Musk has, what would you spend it on? You have probably given it a thought too. You can check out this website to start blowing his bank account and buy all the things from exotic cars to mansions whatever you dreamed of but only virtually.

11. The New York Times Crossword


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

Since childhood, solving crosswords has always been a fun hobby that many of us had. You will surely have fun using this interesting website where you can solve daily puzzles from Soduko to the spelling bee.

12. The Useless Web


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Time

“Take me to another useless website” is the headline of the website. The website has so many useless things to do that you can enjoy and get engaged with. One amazing thing about it is every time you enter this website, it will take you completely to another random website.

13. Scream Into The Void


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

At times, when your mind gets so full that you feel like screaming, all you have to do is open this website, type what you are mad about and it will scream for you. It is surely one of the fun websites that you need to try.

14. Wayback Machine


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

Let’s go back in time with ‘’ Wayback Machine’’. It is one of the cool websites to visit when you are bored as it lets you time travel into achieved versions of websites.

15. Boredpanda.com


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Reading interesting articles might help you to know about surprising facts. Well, you can try Bored Panda. It is one of the websites to go to when you are bored, and you can find interesting topics to read about that include Art, Animals, your favorite ‘Shopping’, Comics, News, and much more.

16. Lizard point


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

If you like geography but don’t understand it that well? Try using Lizard Point. It is a fun website that kills boredom and also gives you knowledge. The website has many virtual quizzes to broaden your knowledge.

17. Don’t Even Reply


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

It is a fun website to cure boredom. We have personally tried it; the website has hilarious real-life incidents and emails that are so hysterical that you’ll get a stomach ache laughing after reading them.

18. Stellarium


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Star gazing is one thing we all have in common on our bucket list. With the increasing pollution, it’s hard to even see a sky full of stars. However, it is one of the most amusing websites that lets you look at a night sky with constellations and planets.

19. Quick Draw


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

In the list of fun websites to visit when bored, Google’s Quickdraw is another one to use. It is a website that allows you to doodle through your computer mouse. You get 20 seconds to draw what they have asked for. It is surely one of the best websites to go when bored that helps to explore your creativity.

20. Chess.com


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Do you love playing chess? Then use chess.com. It is another fun website to waste time on when you’re bored that lets you play chess with the computer or with your friends.

21. The Great Discontent


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Read about the life experiences of artists and creative people from all around the world. From where they started? How was their childhood? to their work experiences? For sure, it is among the most motivating and fun websites to kill your boredom when you have nothing to do.

22. Futurism


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

What’s new? Get to know about what is happening in the world in the fields of tech, healthcare, and much more with the help of Futurism. It is surely among the interesting websites that help you learn something new.

23. MapCrunch


30+ Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

It is one of the websites for fun when you are bored. This website can teleport you anywhere in the world. They also give you an “option’’ to select any country and see their street view. From the comfort of your couch, watch any country without spending a single penny.

24. This Is Sand


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Who doesn’t love playing with sand and making cob houses? It is one of the coolest websites that will let you relive your childhood core memories. Drag your cursor here and there to make whatever you want, you can also select from different colors to use diverse sand.

25. A Soft Murmur


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

If you want to kill boredom online and try your hands on something creative, we will suggest ‘’A Soft Murmur’’. Have fun mixing your music and natural sounds to listen to when getting bored to relax your mind.

26. Gravity Points


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Another fun website to cure boredom. The website allows you to create a small gravity point that pretends gravitational effect all over your screen. It is one of the random websites for fun and enjoying your breaks.

27. Muscle Wiki


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

It’s a gem for fitness lovers and probably a great website to waste time on. On this website, they show a full diagram of the male and female body through which you can choose a body part to train & you will get videos related to it.

28. Weave Silk


30+ Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Give your creativity a chance with “Weave Silk”. It is one of the amusing websites to kill your boredom that offers a platform for creative works of art just by dragging your cursor. Even you will be surprised with the output too.

29. What Should I Read Next?


Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

If you enjoy reading books and wondering what to read next?. The platform has a remarkable recommendation to help you pick your next read. It is by far the most fun website to go on when bored for book lovers.

30. Long Doge Challenge


Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

Yeah keep scrolling and find the end. No results.

Well, you will keep on trying to find the end of this doge but there isn’t any end. Although, you will get ‘’ Wow’’ that will count your scores. It is so far among the fun things to do on the computer when bored.

31. Sneeze the Dragon


Cool Websites to Cure Your Boredom

It is surely one such boredom cure website that is fun and engaging to use. You will get a small dragon and your aim is to make it sneeze. The more you click on the dragon with your cursor, the more it will sneeze, and the more you will score.

32. Smash the Walls


Cool Websites to Kill Your Boredom

In search of websites to cure boredom, we found a gem ‘’ Smash the Walls”. It is especially for 3D art lovers. The website is a wall, by tapping on it through your cursor, you can smash the walls. You can surely enjoy it in your free time or while looking for things to do when bored on the computer.

How to Build a Fun Website to Cure Boredom?

Technology has drawn our attention. There were days when people didn’t have cellphone access to pass their time. However, since the usage of smartphones has increased, everything has become technology-centric. As a result, even when people are jaded, they search for websites to go on when bored.

Seeing these long lists of boredom cure websites, it is certain that people actually look for such websites that can help them relieve their stress and make their mood a little light. Now, if you want to build a fun website, it is surely a great idea. We would like to share some basic tips to build a fun website.

A. Think of an easy name

It is surely advisable to use such name that you think is easy to pronounce and even easier to remember. Such as Paper Toilet, and Bees, Bees, Bees, are fun internet sites that are surely memorable for users. Once they use them, we bet they will surely recommend their friends.

B. Keep the design and navigation simple

Design plays an important role in your website’s success. You must ensure that the design is engaging and beautiful as well and the website is easy to navigate. Such a crucial aspect requires you to employ the best web designing services in the USA through which you can get an aesthetic and visually pleasing design for your website.

C. Do not advertise

Yes, this is true. If you are building such fun websites to visit, then you should avoid ads. These ads can be irritating and can drive your users away. Undoubtedly, these random websites are meant to be built in a way to cure user’s boredom and provide an interruption-free atmosphere to visitors. It is better to keep it that way.

D. Keep it SEO-friendly

Keeping such websites SEO-friendly is a must. And, developers play a big part in SEO-ranking of websites such as maintaining website speed, making a website mobile-friendly, using semantic HTML, and much more. So, make sure to execute prominent website development services in the USA to make it easy for your website to index and rank. Apart from this, you can utilize digital marketing services to improve your ranking.

E. Allow images to recite the purpose

If you like to build Cool Websites to Visit, then you need to make use of the best and simplest images that are to the point. This will help users to understand the purpose of your website and enjoy and engage with the website even more. One such example is ‘’Break the wall’’, once you visit the website and tap on your cursor it will start breaking the walls. That’s it, there is no extra detailing and complexity added to the website, surely making it user-friendly.


Whether you want to develop boring or fun game websites, cost is an important aspect to look over. Well, the cost to develop a fun website ranges from $500 to $3000. But, it can vary depending on various factors including design, development, categories you want to integrate, testing, marketing, and much more.

If you plan to develop websites for fun, you should make sure to have some spare funds in order to get extra features. But, if you have a tight budget, we advise you to go with something simple and basic.

How We AppIt LLC can help you create a website that cures boredom?

If you want to create a hilarious or fun website to visit during breaks, you need to partner with an equally passionate Web Development Company that works towards the same goal.

We AppIt LLC can be that partner who has experience in building simple to complex websites that align with your business needs. Our team will take time to understand your goal and build a website that goes beyond your expectations.

Our team always analyzes competitors and uses their adaptive thinking to create a high-quality and viable solution. Also, our developers make sure to keep transparency to fill you up on the progress at every step. So, if you want our assistance to build funny websites, feel free to connect with our experts.

Develop a fun website with expert developers


Next time, you can visit these websites for fun when you are bored or have nothing else to do on your hands. Whether you are sitting in the metro passing time, or having a small break in the office, these websites will entertain you in every possible way.

As the cost is not that high, you can also plan to build a random website and brag in front of your friends, what’s say?

In case, you plan to do so, We AppIt LLC is a leading website development company in North Carolina to assist you in building such fun websites and serve you with the best.



We can’t name one, we found a lot of websites that are really exciting and amusing such as Long Doge Challenge, Sporcle, Giphy, and many more.

Just search for some fun websites where you can find exciting quizzes, news, interesting facts, fun games, and much more. Once you go through them, you will have a bunch of websites to visit when you are bored.

You can go to different websites such as Sporcle to play games, watch videos, read stories, or gain knowledge to utilize your time and kill your boredom.

If you are planning to develop a fun website, it can cost somewhere between $500 to $3000. It is not that costly, so you can plan and develop something exciting to serve on the Internet.

The best websites to cure boredom are Staggering Beauty, Paper Toilet, Wayback Machine, Bored Panda, Lizard Point, Chess.Com & many more. You can use these websites whenever you feel bored.