What? Another AI model?

Yes, you heard it right. With the growing adoption of AI, it seems like there is a tug-of-war between Microsoft, Google, and other tech giants. On one side, there is Bing AI from Microsoft, & Open AI’s ChatGPT that are taking over the industry. Other side, without wasting time Google also launched its new AI model Gemini as an answer to its competitor’s models.

While a lot of experts assure a promising future, many believe that the AI model performance is exaggerated in their launch videos. What do you think? Well, we guess only time can tell.

We have a lot of information to share. So, let’s move forward with that-

What is Google Gemini?


What is Gemini Ai?

Let’s understand the basics. “What is Google Gemini”?

Gemini is a powerful artificial intelligence model released by Google on 6th December 2023. Google has described Gemini as the most advanced AI model to date.

Additionally, it is said this AI model is a result of a large-scale collaborative approach by teams through Google. Gemini is one of the most flexible models that can run on data centers to smartphones without any issues.

This whole model was built from scratch to a multimodal. Besides, the captivating feature that makes it unique from other models is it can comprehend, function, and operate wide-ranging information such as images, videos, text, and code. Anything and EVERYTHING.

Do you think Gemini will take AI to a new level?

Although, it is hard to say anything right now as it is taking baby steps. But, it is sure that with the launch of Gemini, we’re one step closer to an AI-driven future. If the power of such AI models is used properly, it can profit humanity in ways that we can’t even imagine.

What are the different versions of Gemini AI?


Versions of Gemini Ai

There isn’t just one version of Gemini but three which are Gemini Pro, Gemini Ultra, and Gemini Nano. They all possess several exceptional qualities, but it is said that Gemini Ultra has it all. Let’s get to know them one by one-

1. Gemini Ultra

Gemini Ultra is still in its testing phase and is not available for extensive use to the general public. It is the most capable & fully functional model and will be used to accomplish highly complex tasks.

2. Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro is another version claiming to power the model like Microsoft’s Bard. This version can compensate wide range of tasks with faster response time.

3. Gemini Nano

Gemini Nano is designed to complete on-device tasks without connecting to any external servers such as smart reply or summarize any recordings.It will surely be seen in chat app development to enhance the application and assist users.

To grasp a better understanding, we will share a small table-

Model Release
Google Ultra Most capable model and possess capabilities to complete complex tasks.
Google Pro Trained for enhancements to Android apps and a multimodal AI.
Google Nano Acquire data from your recorded interviews and conversations. Used in Pixel 8 Pro.

Use cases and examples of Google Gemini


Use Cases & Examples of Google Gemini

What impact Google Gemini can have on different sectors?

It is one of the biggest questions we have in our minds. Let’s understand with the below points where we shall be discussing Google Gemini and its impact on different sectors

A. Education

Gemini can help the education sector by assessing the student’s research work and providing feedback to them. It can also assist in improving their learning experience.

B. Creative Writing

Gemini can help in creative writing. By being a co-author to your book, or writing movie scripts, you just ask and it will write it for you. This AI model is too smart to write any kind of content as per your wish.

C. Customer Service

With the AI models, customer service is having the biggest impact. So, surely this new AI model will take a step further to assist users with their inquiries in a very human way. This will result in tailored customer interaction with quicker and more competent support.

D. Scientific Research & Development

Google Gemini can assist in scientific research by understanding data and patterns & then generating theories to carry investigation further. This could lead to discoveries in different fields such as healthcare, medicine, and more.

What are Its Next Gen Capabilities?


What Are Google Gemini's Next Gen Capabilities?

Google Gemini is the first model that has outdone human specialists in Massive Multitask Language Understanding with a 90.04% score. Apart from that, Google also uploaded a video of their AI that showcases its Multi-modal reasoning capabilities, Let’s find out about them-

  • Multimodal Dialogue
  • Multilingualism
  • Game Creation
  • Visual Puzzles
  • Making connections
  • Image & Text Generation
  • Logic & spatial reasoning
  • Translating visuals
  • Cultural understanding

These are some of the features that were shown in the video. Once you see the video, you will understand what we are talking about here.

Which is better, GPT 4 or Gemini Ultra?

I guess, with the launch of Gemini Ultra, everyone has this thought whether GPT-4 is better or Gemini Ultra. And the much-awaited results say Gemini has beaten GPT-4 in every possible aspect.

Firstly, Gemini-Ultra is a multimodal model, whereas GPT-4 relies on integrations to act like Multimodal. Secondly, they have done an analysis on MMLU that has multiple choice questions of 57 subjects on which Gemini Ultra scored 90.04% whereas GPT-4 received 87.29%. Moreover, Gemini Pro has exceptional capabilities & adaptive strategy thinking to solve complex tasks that include translating scientific research to expert coding skills and much more.

Is Google Gemini Accessible to the Public?

Now, you might be thinking is it accessible for use?

Currently, the company is forming plans to offer Gemini through the help of Google Cloud to utilize the AI model in different applications. Apart from that, they have ensured to integrate with Microsoft Bard for more efficiency and better user experience.

Apart from that, one can use Google Gemini Nano on a Pixel 8 pro device. It comes in two forms-

1. Recorder Form:

After you finish recording, you will get a complete summary of that recording within no time with the help of Google Gemini Nano. This will offer you an overview & key points of the audio.

2. Smart Reply:

This feature will help to suggest what to say next? This will lead to faster and more relevant responses in no time. Now, you don’t have to search cheesy lines, the AI model will help you with that.

What are the Limitations of Gemini AI?

Although, the two versions of Google Gemini Nano and Pro have been introduced to the users. But, those people eagerly waiting to enjoy the extensive features had to wait a little longer. As the Gemini Ultra is still in its testing phase which will be launched in early 2024.

There is no doubt that the app is still in its early stages. So, it has some limitations, we believe the way Google is working, it will be eliminated as fast as possible leading to enhanced capabilities of this model.

Here are the limitations below:

  • It doesn’t integrate into many devices only some specific ones like Pixel 8 pro.
  • The recorder feature also has a limitation, it won’t be able to provide a summary of recordings that are less than a minute or more than fifteen minutes.
  • The functionality of Gemini Pro in Bard is also limited.
  • This latest model of Google won’t be available in Europe as of now.

What else? Now, we shall be moving further with the future of AI & Google Gemini.

What is The Future of Google Gemini & AI?


Future of Gemini Ai

Did Google just start a new era of AI? Will the upcoming years intensify the usage of AI making it more common?

Such questions are dwelling in everyone’s mind with this new large language model. it is believed that the AI landscape will transform leading to standard change in AI research & development. One of the big-breaking that Google Gemini has brought is ‘’Multimodal Learning”. The previous versions of AI models focused on a single modality. But, Google Gemini can process voice, text, images, and much more. This will surely help in the efficient usage of data-processing capabilities & will quicken the expansion of AI systems in different applications.


Google has domination in the market & with the launch of Google Gemini, it has yet again paved the way to AI development and opened new doors of possibilities. We believe, with the changing dynamics, they will surely bring more updates adding more functionality & making it more accessible. However, looking up information, bringing new ideas and code assistance is just a glimpse of it. As, Google Nano, Pro, and Ultra integrate into other products and services, it will surely provide positive responses on shaping user experience and improving overall efficiency.