Being a millennial or Gen-Z, you must have heard about the app “Tinder’’. Well, Tinder launched in the year 2012 reforming the way people find love by opening new ways of romance. It also helped people open up about casual dating and short-term commitments.

But soon the app started losing its reputation. Many users complained that profiles on Tinder are shallow and repetitive. Even, many males found common ground for frustration, claiming that it is like playing a game with no rules and nothing on line.

A study revealed that users of Tinder had suffered from low self-esteem levels due to constant comparison and felt unhappy with their physical appearance. This has also tarnished the image of Tinder, which is why people started to look out for apps similar to Tinder.

If you want to build Tinder-like app with the help of a top dating app development company in USA or casually looking for dating app alternatives to Tinder to enter the dating world, this below write-up will help you in every way.

The quest for Tinder alternatives that are worth your attention has probably brought you to this blog. So, be it, we will not disappoint you.

To satisfy you, we have brought together some of the best Tinder alternatives in 2024 that have made their name big in the dating market. Whether you are looking for a casual relationship, a one-night stand, or long-term commitments, we bet these apps will surely fulfill every type of requirement.

Dating Market Statistics

US online dating app market

Before we dive in to learn about these best Tinder-related apps, the prior question is” Are dating apps still relevant in 2024?” Are people willing to try something new to find romance and love? Let’s see what these stats say-

  • As per Statistics, the online dating market was said to be valued at 9.65$ billion in 2023 and will increase at a CAGR of 7.4% from 2023 to 2030.
  • By 2024, 25 million new people might give these dating apps a try, increasing the number of users on these dating sites to 598.9 million.
  • Another research shows that by 2027 the worldwide dating market will have 672 million users.

These stats clearly show the growing popularity of dating apps as well as the interest of the younger generation in finding a partner online seems to be just the beginning of this popularity. Meanwhile, social media sites are also performing a vital role in supporting romantic relationships among people which even pushed the market to grow further.

Another reason can be said to be that individuals have started taking their dating life more seriously than ever; they now look for someone who has similar characteristics as they dream of their partner. These features may include like-mindedness, related interests, and more.

Going back, if we look at the journey of dating apps, then it is often considered that “” was the first dating site launched in 1995 which was later turned into a dating app. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Today, there are over 1,500 dating sites available worldwide, the market is still active and businesses are bringing new dating apps with innovative services now and then to satisfy the growing demands of people and to leverage this time.

List of Tinder Alternatives

Still, lurking to find the best dating apps like Tinder? Well, you should be.

After all, we promised you to provide Tinder-like sites that will help you meet new people without changing out of your pajamas. Tinder has a massive fan following but that doesn’t mean it is your only option to find love. And not everyone has satisfactory experience with Tinder.

We have rounded up some of the dating apps among which some best apps like Tinder and some are even better apps than Tinder. Let’s check them out:

1. Bumble: Date, chat, meet new people & Network better

Bumble Dating App

In the list of Tinder-like apps, the first name is ‘’Bumble” which was launched in December 2014 with the sole purpose of changing the rules of the dating world. The app gave power to women to make the first move. it is the absolute favorite of females.

Undoubtedly, this caught the attention of both genders and resulted in amassing 50 million active users in 2023. It also garnered attentiveness from Movie-stars like Priyanka Chopra, who later became an investor in Bumble.

The idea of the app is quite intriguing as it allows you to connect with people around you. Once both parties swipe right on each other and get added to each other’s ‘hive’ connection. The female then has the control to message their bee within 24 hours before the connection expires forever.

Bumble offers three modes- Date (to find a romantic connection), BFF ( to make friends), and Bizz (to grow your professional network). You can easily switch between them from your account.

Once the conversation starts, there is no time limit; you can even make video and audio calls without sharing your number. The user-friendliness and women-centric idea of the app is what gives it a spot among the perfect Tinder alternative apps. Although Bumble is a free app, you can also enjoy some premium features by taking a subscription to “Bumble Boost, and ‘’Bumble Premium”.

Features of Bumble:

  • You get to access advanced filters.
  • No swipe limit.
  • Use travel mode to make connections while traveling.
  • You can extend your time on your matches.
  • Get to be in the spotlight once a week.

2. Hinge: Designed to be deleted

Hinge Dating App

Tired of swiping right and left on Tinder? Well, then take advice from us and try Hinge.

Hinge is the next name among Tinder-related apps was initially released in 2013 to be less shallow than Tinder.

Initially, when the app was released, its main goal was to make you match people who are or share Facebook Friends. But, since people became more interested in the open dating approach, it changed its way and started match-making two people based on their traits such as height or body type.

The reason that makes Hinge one of the best dating apps in the USA and helps to stand out in the market is match quality and filtering. Based on your preference and choice, Hinge filters out matches for its users, helping them to have a significant start.

Unlike other Tinder alternatives, Hinge doesn’t market itself as a dating or hookup app, rather it defines itself as a relationship app.

The app offers features that are curated to form more meaningful connections, such as you can see profiles of other people and engage with them without swiping.

Hinge also allows you to make a match by changing locations as well. This way you get a comprehensive dating pool to meet amazing people, making the app engaging and the best alternative to Tinder.

Although Hinge is available for free, but, to enjoy some advanced features, you can buy a paid membership version.

Features of Hinge:

  • You can check who liked you or your profile.
  • You can filter out your match as per your preference.
  • You can comment on a particular section of your match’s profile.
  • No limit on likes.
  • You can view who liked your profile.

3. OkCupid: Dating deserves better

OkCupid Dating App

OkCupid is one of the veteran dating apps in this list which was launched in 2004. Since then, they have broken many taboos and changed stereotypes related to dating sites. It’s a super colorful dating site that you’ll surely enjoy even if you are straight or gay.

The app provides a platform to select over 60+ gender identities and 20+ sexual orientations including gay, lesbian, and more. They have also included new gender options that include agender, intersex, pangender, transspirit, and many more.

OkCupid also has a matching methodology through which you can set some deal-breakers such as age, location, and more for better pairing with the app. You can choose as per your orientation such as if you are bi-sexual, your profile will only be visible to those people who are looking for someone similar.

To match you with a compatible person, the app asks you some questions through which they can suggest like-minded people to connect well and take steps further.

When it comes to their services, they allow to make accounts and connect with people for completely free but also provide some plans for a month, three months, and six months.

Features of OkCupid:

  • You can read all the intros you receive at once.
  • You can like as many profiles as you want.
  • You can undo your rewinds whenever you want.
  • No outside ads, providing you with fast page loads.
  • You can set Dealbreakers to meet like-minded people.

4. Happn: Find the people you have crossed paths with

Happn Dating App

When it comes to Tinder-related apps, the list is incomplete without ‘HAPPN’. This French application was launched in 2014 with two key concepts which are real-time and location-intelligence that promise the integration of online dating with our real life.

Happn has a very interesting and different approach to match-making as it allows you to match with people with whom you crossed paths. The app works in a very different way than other apps.

Wondering how? Well, while you are walking on the road, sitting in a café, or going through a metro, there are many people with whom you cross paths every day. Now, if the other person is on the Happn dating app, their profile will pop up on your timeline. Once you see their profile, you can now swipe left or right. The app also allows you to see how many times you have crossed paths with them justifying their tagline.

The app also has a feature known as the “Crush” option that appears with the red heart button letting you show your interest in another person and start a conversation with them. This app is free to use but for more features, you can promote to premium by purchasing a subscription.

Features of Happn:

  • You can set up your Spotify.
  • You can also set up invisibility for your profile.
  • Easy to set up your profile.
  • See who liked your profile.
  • Unique timeline feature.

5. HER

HER Dating App

As the saying goes “Gender is who you are, and sexuality is who you want”.

In the 21st century, people can choose whom they want to love. With wider acceptance of the LGBT community, dating apps have opened their platform for all. But, still, it feels good to have an app solely dedicated to LGBTQIA+ people.

‘Her’ was launched back in 2013 for queer, lesbian, and other LGBTQ people to help them find compatible people. Unlike Tinder-like apps, the app is famous as a ‘Lesbian dating app’ that allows users to find love, meet new people, make friends, and form expressive relationships. This LGBTQ dating app also allows you to make plans to join digital events and social media communities.

After you receive a match on the platform, you can swipe right or left if you are not feeling the butterflies. After both the users swipe right on each other, they can continue their conversation to get to know each other well.

This app is user-friendly and offers various advanced choices to be open about their sexual orientation. Although HER is an open and free platform, you can buy monthly, half-yearly, and yearly subscriptions to enjoy more features.

Features of HER:

  • HER is a niche-based dating app.
  • Offers different communities and virtual events to connect.
  • Offer special parties for the LGBTQ community.
  • You can view their profiles and add friends.
  • You get unlimited swipes.

6. Grindr: It’s a guy thing

Grindr Dating App

Grindr is another dating app like Tinder that is specially committed for Gay, Bi, and Trans Men. The app was launched back in 2009 and uses GPS to locate bisexual or Gay men nearby and show their profile in the form of a Grid.

With many big players like Tinder, Bumble, and more taking steps to become broader platforms for people, still finding love on these platforms for LGBT people was a hard nut to crack. In the hope of finding love, they have often fallen prey to bullying or harassment from straight people on these apps.

Once Grindr was launched with the promise to remove such negativity from their platform and provide people with a safe and secure platform to find love, the app became an absolute favorite for the LGBT community and a top gay dating app. With 11 million monthly active users worldwide, it is considered by far the world’s largest dating app for LGBTQA+.

Features of Grindr:

  • Allow incognito mode to hide your profile while still using the app.
  • You can see who had a chat with you.
  • Typing status is clearly visible.
  • You can translate their message into various languages.
  • You can unsend your message.

7. Match: Dating app for singles

Match Dating App

Match was released in 1995 and is still going strong as a dating app. You might wonder how it survived for so long. Well, the answer is simply because the platform keeps altering itself with changing times.

With millions of active users, the app helps users meet their potential matches with the hope of finding their dream relationship. If you are willing to take our advice, then it is one of the best Tinder alternatives to finding love or long-term relationships.

The app has strong algorithms that filter out “someone special” for you that go well with your preferences. As per the last data, the app has total visits of 24.1 million. Although Match is free to use, you can upgrade to standard and premium plans to enjoy different features.

Features of Match:

  • You can send unlimited likes.
  • You can easily cancel your subscription.
  • You can send unlimited messages.
  • Allows enjoying rewards.
  • Provide customized match references.

8. Zoosk: Match, Chat, Date and Find Love

Zoosk Dating App

In the year 2007, Zoosk was launched and since then it has become one of the platforms for singles looking to mingle. it is a well-known LGBT dating site that is also used by heterosexuals.

Different features like Smartpick and Zoosk-Live make the platform attractive. But, The unique approach in this app that people find engaging is ‘carousal fun match-making’’.

This feature is designed in a way that allows users to see pics and ages of other users. If you believe you are good to go, you can show interest in that “Zoosker” by choosing “yes” or ‘’maybe’’. After both users agree, it becomes a mutual match created by carousal.

Once you decide to sign up for the app, you will be able to see different people’s profiles. But, won’t be able to read any messages until you upload a pic and pay money for a subscription. So, just make sure you post the best photos once you pay the fee.

Features of Zoosk:

  • Affordable membership plans.
  • Offers a huge dating pool.
  • Photo verification.
  • Available in 25 languages.
  • Smartpick matchmaking technology.

9. DOWN: Date near me

DOWN Dating App

If you are looking for hookups or friends with benefits? Look no further than the DOWN dating app. Launched back in 2013, it is currently one of the fastest growing applications like Tinder, which has surpassed 13 million singles.

If any of you are probably hearing about the dating app for the first time, that’s because it was initially launched as ‘Bang with Friends”. Initially, it started as a Facebook web app but after facing a lawsuit from the famous game ‘Words with Friends”. They had to rebrand themselves as a ‘DOWN’ dating app.

The one thing you will find different is ‘’Swiping”. Like other Tinder alternatives, you won’t get ‘right’ or ‘left’, Instead, You get to swipe ‘up’ to get a date and ‘down’ to GET DOWN with your match. Yes, in case you don’t like to do both then you can only choose to swipe left to move to the next person.

Although, the app is free to use. You can still buy their subscription package, ‘DOWN PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP, for premium features.

Features of DOWN:

  • Let you highlight the best features on your profile.
  • You can also see previously liked profiles.
  • You can also undo a match.
  • The ‘Nearby’ filter allows you to connect matches nearby.
  • Offers different tag options, such as “DTX”, to show dating preference.

10. Pure: Anonymous Dating & Chat

Pure Dating App

Pure was launched in 2013 and even named themselves as ‘the Uber for dates’’. In case, you are not looking for lovey-dovey and just preferably want hookups, then you must try ‘ Pure’’.

Well, don’t fall for the name. PURE dating app lets you post personal ads to find someone that goes well with your desires and fantasies. The app is basically for people who want no-string-attached or some wild encounters with their partner.

The app is visually appealing and women are not charged money to use the app. Meanwhile men can enjoy a three-day trial and then need to pay to continue with the app. They also provide top-notch data security where users have a day to arrange meetings, otherwise the chat history gets removed to preserve anonymity.

Features of Pure:

  • Members are required to create new profiles daily.
  • Top-data security.
  • The app has a modern minimalistic design.
  • personal ads disappeared to maintain secrecy.
  • Women can try the services for free.

11. Hornet: Your queer social network

Hornet Dating App

Another app just like Grindr, “Hornet’” was launched in 2011 and committed as a platform for gay and bisexual men. Once the guy signs up on Hornet, they can find men nearby them, who they can message or even follow to show interest in their profile.

By changing locations, one can also search for men in different locations. The app has an extra community advantage through which one can watch city guides and LGBT+ news to keep themselves updated. Users on the app can look for hookups or else form friendships to hang out with each other.

The app is popularly used in many countries such as France, Brazil, Turkey, and more. It has an approx. 35 million user base worldwide which is still growing in numbers. Despite such popularity, it is quite considerably among the best free dating apps on iOS, Android, or the web. So, you can download and enjoy the app easily. Upgrade only if you want to enjoy premium features like read receipts and ad-free use.

Features of Hornet:

  • Offers short videos telling stories about queer life.
  • You can use filters to find out exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Provide complete privacy.
  • You can enjoy communities inside on the hottest trends.
  • There is no limit to messaging.

12. Thursday

Thursday Dating App

While we all appreciate the ease of use and user-friendliness of dating apps, sometimes it is too overwhelming for us. Keeping this in mind, ‘Thursday’ was launched in 2021, which only opens its platform one day of the week, which is “Thursdays”. The sole idea was to skip the initial awkwardness and push them to take action and make the most out of it.

Their mission interprets that dating apps are losing their sparks due to the time and effort involved. Therefore, they narrowed it down to one day so that people get the need to cut down on small talk and can actually match, chat, and look forward to meeting each other on weekends.

The app has made quite good headlines in the dating world and has been downloaded more than 7,50,000 times as per the last data.

Similar to other applications like Tinder, Thursday offers to like someone’s profile simply by tapping on the heart, and if the other person also feels the same they can form a match just by tapping the conversation icon. Standard members who use the app can send up to 10 likes and messages.

Although the app is free to use, if the members want to get a boost to their profile, they can go for premium memberships.

Features of Thursday:

  • In-built 24-hour time helps speed up conversation.
  • All stories and messages vanish at night time.
  • It has a one-time reporting policy.
  • A safe community for women.
  • One-day-a-week feature.

13. The Sauce: Making dating less dry

The Sauce Dating App

Are you bored of the usual left and right swiping, looking to ditch them? Then, you must try “The sauce”.

It is a new-gen dating app launched in 2020 and one of the best Tinder alternatives where one has to upload video clips to show the legitimacy of themselves and make their feed engaging for others.

If ‘the Sauce’’ doesn’t ring a bell to you, the app was formerly known as Qemistry, which was used a lot by college students looking to date their institutional companions. It is a pretty famous name in the list of best dating apps for college students to date and make friends.

Undoubtedly, it’s a great idea as seeing someone on video tells a lot about their personality. Instead of pictures, you get to see them in videos that tell who they are and what they are looking for on the app.

Now with the help of free “send messages” feature of this app, you can inbox them. Once the conversation hits off, it’s a match already. Although there are great features you can enjoy through free services, you can also unlock new features with the fee-based services.

Features of The Sauce:

  • Easy chat and communication features.
  • An amusing feed with videos.
  • At every match, they plant a tree.
  • The app is free to download.
  • A platform for all genders.

14. Coffee Meets Bagel: We’re for serious daters

Coffee Meets Bagel Dating App

If we talk about any app bringing the finest dating app idea to the table for their user, we surely have to give the points to ‘coffee meets bagel”. You might wonder how its idea is different. Well, firstly, the best thing about the app is that it gives control to females and states their users as ‘bagels”.

Unlike other Tinder alternatives, the feature that stands out is that men get 21 bagels a day through which they only swipe those women who have similar preferences to them. This way, women also get high-quality likes and suggestions from men who are interested in them. This saves both of their time and establishes far better relationships.

When two bagels like each other by tapping the heart icon, they can initiate a conversation before the connection expires. Coffee Meets Bagel was introduced in 2012 and since then they have emerged as one of the best dating apps for relationships.

The app is free to use, though you can explore different features by upgrading to premium.

Features of Coffee Meet Bagel:

  • You can see when your match was last active.
  • You can rewind a match that you passed.
  • You can see who liked your profile.
  • You get limitless suggestions.
  • Allows Read receipts.

15. Hily: Hey! I like you

Hily Dating App

While talking about popular dating apps, we can’t miss “Hily”. The app was launched back in 2017 and since then it’s on full boom. Hily serves as one of the best Tinder alternatives and is designed in a way to help you meet, chat, and form connection with other people nearby.

The best part that stands out for the app is once you fill up all the information, after that you receive an experience that is specially tailored for you. With the help of artificial intelligence, the matches you get are curated as per values, interests, and priorities.

More you use the app, the better will be your matches. Besides the fact that the app uses a human moderation system and profile verification to find authentic people, prioritizing compatibility and genuine connection.

The app currently has 28 Million loyal users globally and is currently increasing in number. The increasing number of the app surely shows its wide acceptance as one of the best dating sites in the eyes of users. We will surely suggest you to give it a try. You can easily access a lot of features freely and if you are satisfied, you can also go for a subscription package.

Features of Hily:

  • You can roll back up to ten swipes.
  • You get unlimited likes.
  • You can see who liked your profile.
  • You can react to 100 profiles a day.
  • You can also see and create live streams.

16. Plenty of Fish

Plenty of Fish Dating App

Whether you’re looking to spice up your dating life or establish something real, Plenty of Fish has it all for you. As the name suggests, there are different types of people registered on the user which makes it easy and fun to find someone who interests you.

Launched back in 2003, Plenty of Fish is an online dating site app with plenty of rich features including speed dating, messaging, live streaming, and many more. This has made POF fun and appealing for users.

The app initially started in Canada and has marked its popularity in other countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Brazil, and further. The app is also considered one of the best dating apps in the USA for singles that you can use for free.

It is free to use, but if you are willing to explore something more, the site offers POF plus and POF premium membership options.

Features of Plenty of Fish:

  • Enjoy advanced filters.
  • Unlimited likes.
  • Allows read receipts.
  • Search for anyone with a name.
  • Filter out your preference.

17. Badoo: Date Honestly

Badoo Dating App

The struggle to find your partner on dating apps is unreal. Undoubtedly, dating isn’t one size fits all. Everyone has their liking, choice, and taste, which is why we will suggest you try “Badoo”.

Badoo is a similar dating site to Tinder that was launched in 2006, where users can find, chat with, and date new people. The app has 493+ million users and is one of the dating apps with the most users operating in 190 countries in 47 languages.

The app provides two options for its users, firstly “Encounters section”, this section allows you to match with people sharing similar interests. Another option is ‘people nearby” through which you get to meet people nearby with the same choice and preferences as you. What’s more?

Well, Badoo is free to download and use but users need to pay to enjoy premium features.

Features of Badoo:

  • Badoo app does photo verification to ensure the security of the users.
  • You can find and match with nearby people.
  • You can browse through profiles in incognito.
  • Offers many cool stickers.
  • You can see who added you to their ‘favorite’ list.

18. Kippo: Come hang out

Kippo Dating App

Many people have an extreme passion for video games, well what’s better than to find a date who shares the same passion? Kippo is a dating app for you with a unique approach that lets you find love and meet new people over a mutual love for their video games.

The app is visually pleasing for millennials and also appeals young generation who are looking to form expressive connections through gaming. Since its launch in 2018; the app has grown to 1 million users worldwide.

Kippo claims on the app that 93% of the users have played video games and enjoyed digital dates before meeting in real life. For video games, art, and music lovers, the app has joined with web3 wallets to make purchasing outfits, land, and items easy and accessible.

Features of Kippo:

  • Easy to use and unique.
  • Affordable membership.
  • It has progressive graphics and an appealing UI.
  • Top-rated dating app for gamers.
  • Initial services are free to use.

19. Snack: Gen Z Dating

Snack Dating App

If you are bored with the regular swiping feature and want to try something new? Snack is the one for you.

It is a new-gen dating app that helps users get matches based on uploaded videos. Once a user posts these videos on their feed, their match can unlock the messaging feature by liking their posts. Putting it simply, it seems like an amalgamation of Tinder and TikTok.

Instead of following the same pattern, you can try your hands on this new platform. Snack aims to provide users with the facility to go on dates in the virtual world i.e. Metaverse.

Another amazing feature of the app is you get to see the avatar of people. if you also want to experiment, their platform is AI-integrated which you can use to show off your interests and more about your life to allure your matches. When it comes to Snack dating app, you can try it for free but to enjoy its exceptional features you have to pay for the premium version.

Features of Snack:

  • Likes and comments are free to use.
  • AI integrated.
  • Avatar feature available.
  • Provides a video scroll feature.
  • Open for all genders.

20. Luxy: Tinder minus poor people

Luxy Dating App

If you are looking for a luxurious dating life and don’t want to settle for any less, then Luxy is for you. It is a dating app for the elite and millionaires. Once you make an account on the app, the app will pair you with sophisticated and successful people.

Although the app is for rich people to date and enjoy, it also has strict policies for sugar babies &sugar daddies and does not endorse such kind of thing. Luxy features people with a six-figure salary and unoriginal beauty.

Now, the question you might ask is how do they verify income? Well, people can’t get through the selection process without being rich as once you verify your profile through your selfie, they also ask you to upload your income proof by transferring a pic of your driver’s license along with your most recent tax return.

Once you like the app, you can also upgrade to Luxy Black or Platinum to unlock more amazing features.

Features of Luxy:

  • You can send messages without any limit.
  • You can stay anonymous while swiping.
  • You can even send digital gifts to your interested match.
  • FaceMe feature allows sharing socials in messages.
  • Only for rich people.

Build a dating app like Tinder


Tinder may be a great dating app, but it is not necessarily for everyone. Thanks to all these Tinder alternative apps that are out there which makes us skip the mainstream app and try something new. To ensure your safety and the best experience, we have done thorough research and then came up with the list.

Even if you are looking to build Tinder-like apps by partnering with a top Social Media App Development Company in USA, knowledge about these apps will be beneficial for you.

It’s advisable to be on multiple dating apps as they provide you with a wider area to find whatever or whoever you’re looking for. In the 21st century, dating apps are restructured to provide the user best experience. But, if you are on these apps, make sure to give time and effort to make a connection.

Also, be it your photos or messages you send, everything counts and as you know first impression is the last impression and a lifelong one too. So, don’t mess it up and maybe you don’t have to swipe up ever again.


Some of the best Tinder alternatives are Bumble, Hinge, OkCupid, Happn, Her, Grindr, Match, DOWN, Pure, and more. According to your requirements and sexual orientation, you can register on these apps and enjoy virtual dating.

Yes, different dating apps available in the market provide free and premium services as well such as Bumble, Badoo, Plenty of Fish, Grindr, Her, and more. You can first enjoy the free version then if you like the app, you can go for premium packages.

Bumble is a dating site that is well-designed and all-inclusive for people. This app is female-centric where women are allowed to make the first taboo. When it is compared to Tinder, if you want a fast-paced dating experience then Tinder is for you, whereas Bumble is to make a long-term and meaningful connection.

Most of the users on Bumble are looking for long-term commitments. So, no, it is not limited to hookup or dating. The majority of Bumble users are interested in taking their meet-ups and conversations further which includes making friends, finding a date, and even marriage.