A lot of people are asking about the cost of mobile app maintenance in 2023.

But why?

Well, mobile applications are quite a megatrend.

With over 6 billion people using mobile phones, apps have one of the largest available user bases. In addition to this, people absolutely love using mobile apps.

From social media to eCommerce and even games on your phone, everything is a mobile app. And with this, there are a lot and we mean A LOT of businesses who are planning, even already using mobile apps to level up their revenue generation.

For instance, amazon world’s largest eCommerce marketplace has its own mobile apps that a lot of you might already be using. And this app is generating not millions but billions in the market.

This is just one example.

But that’s not what we are going to discuss today.

What we shall be focusing on is maintenance.

Here’s how they are related.

See, there are people, businesses, and startups who want to deploy their own mobile applications. However, there are also thousands of other people who are doing so every month.

So, how do you create a successful mobile app and stand out from the rest?

Well, the answer is simple, to make sure your app stands out from the rest, you have to maintain it. Now, as far as how, why, what, and how much is concerned, for all of that, you need to read this blog.

Therefore, with this said, let’s get right into it, starting with:

Mobile App Maintenance: App You Need To Know

Before learning about the cost of mobile app maintenance, let’s look at the definition.

So, what is mobile app maintenance?

Well, this is exactly what you think it is.

Mobile app maintenance services refer to the continuous process of maintaining an application. Here, the app is under constant analysis, updating, changes, as well as a re-evaluation.

In layman’s terms, the application is under constant surveillance and necessary changes are made as the need arises.

Maintenance helps mobile apps become successful. In fact, this is what makes all the differences between a market-leading app and just another one.

Moreover, the market for mobile apps is very versatile and ever-changing. Now, this can be a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing because, you get a chance to overtake the competition, and a bad because everyone gets this chance. And what helps you secure it is maintenance. That’s why it’s so important.

In any case, we shall be learning more about the importance of mobile app maintenance but first, let’s look at the different types of maintenance services in the next section of the blog.

Types of Mobile App Maintenance Services

Types of Mobile App Maintenance Services

We know that this blog is about the cost of mobile app maintenance, however, to better understand that, you need to understand the types of it.

Well, there is a wide range of mobile apps from on-demand to eCommerce and so on. Based on the maintenance needs and scenario, there are different types of mobile app maintenance and support services.

In this section of the blog, we shall be exploring the same.

1. Emergency Maintenance

Everyone has emergencies, don’t we? Well, as it turns out mobile apps are no different.

Sometimes it happens that a component of the app suddenly stops working or once the team adds a new feature to the platform, everything just goes done. And this happens to the best apps including Social Media giants like Twitter and Instagram.

This is where emergency maintenance services kick in.

Whenever there is a sudden, unpredictable, and unexpected issue with the platform, emergency maintenance helps you mend the issue or at least save the platform’s traffic.

All in all, it ensures a seamless experience even in bad times saving the app’s reputation and user base.

2. Perfective Maintenance

No app or software is perfect.

And never can be, if we listen to the philosophers.

However, what we can do is try to get there, as close as possible.

Perfective maintenance is all about that.

The name is quite self-explanatory. What we do here is, change the app to the ever-changing market and improve the overall platform based on feedback.

This has a lot to do with source code editing, new features, removing features, and so on.

The end goal here is to provide the best possible experience to the user.

3. Adaptive Maintenance

As we have mentioned a lot of times, the mobile app market is ever-changing.

What mobile app maintenance does here, or shall we say adaptive maintenance is, track every change including hardware.

Then the app is updated as per that.

Well, this is something that is very important considering the fact that new technologies are always coming.

And if you don’t keep up, the app can become a legacy in no time.

Mobile App Maintenance CTA

4. Preventive Maintenance

In the same fashion as before, the title speaks for itself.

Preventive maintenance comes quite handy when it comes to dealing with issues pre-emptive-ly.

In layman’s terms, the goal is to create a simpler platform.

Thus, the developers work to improve code structure, optimize code, document everything, and create an allover better app for the users.

This doesn’t just help users but also the company itself.

(we shall be discussing “how” in the next section.

5. Corrective Maintenance

This is one of the simpler ones.

The team of developers when it comes to corrective maintenance repair of the app solves the faults and defects.

This doesn’t just deal with the code but also the app logic and the service side.

And this makes it that much more important despite being one of the simpler ones.

How to Choose Right Maintenance Service?

Want to build a mobile app and choose the right maintenance services for it?

Well, reading through these different types of maintenance services can be confusing, as to which one is the right for your app.

But luckily, it’s simpler than that.

The reason being that, you won’t have to choose one of them, they are all for you.

Yes, you heard that right.

No, you don’t have to use them all at once.

Let us explain.

The app goes through different things in its lifecycle. Sometimes, there is an emergency, other times; you want to improve an app.

Thus, at different times, different maintenance services come into use.

Moreover, if you want to learn more about the same, we recommend that you consult a market-leading Mobile App Development Company.

They will be able to give you better insight into the same and tell you about the maintenance services you need at the moment.

With this out of the way, let’s look at the reason why it’s important to use maintenance services, we shall be looking look at the cost of mobile app maintenance.

Why It is important?

Why It is important?

So, why should you invest in mobile app maintenance, why is it important?

Well, there are many reasons.

In this section, we shall be discussing a few of these, in detail.

Therefore, let’s get right into it:

1. Keep Up With The Trends (Don’t be uninstalled)

Reports from various sources including Statista say people on average uninstall apps 43% of the time.

And 71% of the time, it’s because of persistent notifications.

Do you know what this means?

This shows users look at each and everything, and if they do anything wrong, they will be uninstalled.

The goal is to create that as per the user’s needs.

Meaning, the platforms need to adapt and change to fit into users’ ever-changing needs.

And how do you do it?

That’s right! MAINTENANCE.

 A mobile app maintenance and support service allow you to observe the changing requirements and improve the app according to that.

With this, you can reduce uninstall rates, keep up with trends, and improve the overall platform.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to use maintenance services.

2. Deliver More Value To Users

Whether the app belongs to a retail company or an on-demand business, the goal remains the same.

Deliver more value to customers.

Time and time again, it has been said, the customer is the king.

And by delivering more value to them, you create better relationships, receive feedback, improve user retention, and generate a more loyal user base.

 Question is, how do you do it?

Well, this is where mobile app maintenance comes in.

The service and support help you morph into something much better and something valuable to users.

This is the reason why it’s more than important to maintain your mobile app.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App in 2023?

3. Revenue, Revenue, & Revenue!

For most of businesses, apps are a source of revenue.

This is true for:





And many more.

Well, if you want to do just that and generate millions in revenue, mobile app maintenance is your best friend.

This helps businesses create an app that’s more suitable for the market and user-friendly.

Sometimes it’s just as simple as fixing bugs – other times – it’s a little harder. In any case, that’s one of the big reasons why it’s important to maintain your app.

Now, it’s time to discuss the cost.

Cost Of Mobile App Maintenance in 2023

It’s time to answer the big question.

How much does it cost to maintain a mobile app?

The cost of mobile app maintenance ranges from $500 per month to $250,000 per year depending on specifications.

Let us explain.

Well, if you have ever worked with a mobile app developer, you know that there are a lot of factors that affect mobile app development costs.

In the same fashion, there are various factors that can contribute to the total cost of mobile app maintenance.

If you want to learn more about it, it’s highly recommended that you consult a mobile app and web development company.

Moving on, we shall be looking at what’s in mobile app maintenance that adds to the cost, in the next section of blog.

App Maintenance Cost Breakdown

There are a lot of things that go into mobile app maintenance.

Various things are taken care of and a number of things require monthly.

This includes,


Improving code

Adding new API


And so on.

While some of these are free of cost, not all of them are.

Let’s look at the cost breakdown in the table below.


Type Charges
Hosting Charges $70 to $320 Per Month
Bug Fixing and Updates $1000 to $2000
Functional Services $2000 to $4000 Per Year
API Integration $1500 to $5000 Per Year
IT Support $5,000 to $10,000 Per Year
Analytics Free & Paid Services
Payment Gateways $100 to $149 Per Month
Technical help $35 to $50 Per Hour


These are the different components of maintenance and their usual cost.

Now, depending on the app type some of these might apply to your case, and some of the might. In any case, let’s look at the next factor which affects maintenance costs.

Cost of Maintenance Based on Location

To maintain a mobile app you may not or may need to,

Hire dedicated developers.

If you do, one of the big factors which affect the cost of hiring developers is location.

Thus, location affects the total cost of mobile app maintenance.

Therefore, let’s look at the hourly rate based on the different locations in the world.


Location Per Hour Rate
North America $50 – $150
South America $30 – $80
Western Europe $40 – $100
Eastern Europe $25 – $80
Australia $40 – $100
India $25 – $50


This is the cost of mobile app maintenance in 2023 based on location.

And with this, we have come to the end of our blog.


Mobile app maintenance and support services are essential.

To create a successful app, you have to maintain the app.

But the question comes down to, how much does it cost?

Well, on average it can cost as low as $500 and on the upward limit it can go to $250,000. There are various components like hosting, payment gateway, IT support, and so on which add to the cost.

In any case, if you want a detailed cost breakdown for your specific solution,

Contact a mobile app development company in North Carolina.