So, how much does cost to build a website?

Well, website development has been around for some time. In fact, websites have been one of the first web technologies after the internet arrived. And ever since websites first appeared, they have forever changed the world of businesses.

Only limited customers can walk into the physical store, while there are over 4.66 billion active internet users in the world. These websites can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world, meaning billions of potential customers.

This is how eCommerce Websites like Amazon gets millions of users and generate billions in revenue. In fact, the company is worth more than 1 trillion dollars today.

Amazon is just one example, there are endless businesses that have made fortune this way. Now, if you are a business or someone who wants to start their own online business, it’s a good time.

With mobile phone users at an all-time high and high-speed internet available throughout the world, web users are bound to grow. In 2023, website traffic will be higher than ever and so will the revenue.

Therefore, if you are planning to build a website and wondering how much it will cost to build one, this blog is for you. Here, we shall be discussing everything related to website development costs and more.

Without further ado, let’s get right into it:

Website Development 101

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So, what is website development?

Well, we all know what websites are. They are web-based software that is hosted remotely and can be accessed through web browsers over the internet.

This is not a topic that needs an introduction. Within the field of IT, there have been many development industries but web development still stands as one of the oldest and largest among them.

After all, ever since the rise of the internet, website development services have become the new face of businesses. From small start-ups to large corporates, every company has its own website today.

As such, there are different types of websites in the market that we use in our day-to-day life. Let’s look at some of the common types of websites:

Ecommerce Website

ECommerce websites are very common today. The reason being many businesses are moving their stores to online stores. With more online users and higher revenue, this is a very viable option.

Therefore, if you have a store that you want to move online, consider eCommerce website development.

Informative Websites

These times websites are the most common ones. They have a plain front end with less interactive stuff. They have long-form content. These are mostly the company’s portfolio websites and government websites.

To collect information they also have forms that users can provide input information on. These are usually cheap to develop.

Online Job Portals sites

Well, if you want to build a website that makes millions for your business, this is a good option.

An online job portal site allows users to look for jobs. On the other side of the platforms, companies can post job openings and interview people.

This is one of the most popular web solutions.

eLearning Websites

With the covid situation, the education scene got a lot worse. ELearning websites and web apps came to save the day. These solutions offered educational services over the internet as students could attend classes and lectures through their mobile devices.

Edx and Microsoft teams are good examples of the same.

Online Forums

Online forums are very, very popular among the younger generations. Some good examples of online forums are Reddit, quora, and so on.

These platforms allow people to interact with each other, answer questions, and share opinions. This is yet another top website type.

Media Websites

Well, this is a top website type. Who doesn’t use a website like YouTube to browse videos? Pinterest is yet another example media website.

So, these are the different types of websites. Now, it’s time to look at the average website making cost in the next section of the blog.

Average Website Development Cost

So, how much does it cost to build a website?

Well, there are various factors that can affect total website development costs. Every project is unique in its own way. Therefore, the factors involved in the project are also unique.

This is why it’s next to impossible to predict the cost to build a website without learning about the actual project specifications and other details related to it. And this is one of the big reasons why you can’t predict the total website development cost

In any case, the average website development ranges from $25,000 to $350,000. We are taking a wide range because predicting accurate costs without learning about the type or complexity of the website.

If you are looking for more details on the same, all you need to do is contact a custom website development company that will give you insight amount the website development and maintenance as well as the related cost.

Website Development Cost Based on Type

One of the big factors on which the website development cost depends on the type of website you are developing.

As we discussed earlier, there are different website development solutions. In this section of the blog, we shall be looking at the different types of websites and the web developer cost related to them.

These are, as mentioned below:


Website Type Cost
Service Marketplace Website $95,000 to $250,000
eCommerce website development cost $75,000 to $200,000
eLearning Website $55,000 to $150,000
Custom website development $95,000 to $450,000
CRM Development $25,000 to $200,000
Job Portal Website Development $15,000 to $250,000
Portfolio Website $25,000 to $350,000


These are website development package prices for different types. Now, let’s look at the cost related to the different sizes of websites

Cost To Develop A Website Size

The size of the website development project highly depends on the size of the website. The logic behind this is very simple.

Look at it like this; you consult custom PHP development services to build a project. If the project is very large with a lot of pages and a heavy front end, it will take longer to build the website.

In addition to a longer time, it will also take more experienced developers and a larger team to put in more effort. Therefore, the overall project cost goes higher.

On the other hand, if you are dealing with a website that is much simpler, it will be cheaper for the same reason.


  • Simple Website – $15,000 to $150,000
  • Moderate Website – $55,000 to $250,000
  • Complex Website – $150,000 to $450,000

This is a cost related to the different complexity of website development. With this out of the way, let’s look at some other web development factors which can affect cost.

Other Factors Which Affect Web Development Cost

 There are various lower factors that affect the cost to build a website. And to understand the cost better, it’s a good idea to go through these lower factors.

In this section of the blog, we shall be going through the same. Therefore, with this said, let’s get right into it:


Complexity is one of the biggest factors that affect website design and development costs. As such, the more complex a website is, the higher the cost will be.

The reason behind it is very simple. You see, as the complexity increases, so will the resource consumption during development, and the development will need to put more effort into the project.

On the other hand, smaller projects are fairly easy to deal with. They don’t take that long or cause many problems.

Therefore, the more complex a website is, the higher cost to build a website.

UI/UX Design

Well, the development process to make a website can be divided into two parts. Namely the front end and the back end.

The front-end part deals with designing. Therefore, designing becomes one of the largest factors in total website development charges.

Again, the more complex and high-end the design is, the higher it will cost. On the other hand, the opposite of this is also equally true. i.e. the simpler design you are dealing with the cheaper it will be.

custom web development services cta


In an age where cybercrimes are growing and more companies are losing trillions in revenue.  Moreover, in cyber leaks and data leaks, a lot of valuable customer data is compromised.

Therefore, to keep the data and other information safe, the website needs to add security measures. This is something that adds to the website development charges.

The higher the security level you go to, the more expensive it going to be. This is yet another factor you need to consider when assessing the cost to hire laravel development company.


Well, features are an essential part of a website. Features play an important role in the success of a website. But the question is how.

It’s simple, features can be simple or complex. Unique features are usually harder to develop. Therefore, they come with a higher cost. And since websites have more than one feature, the total cost can go even higher.

Moving on, we shall be discussing the cost to hire developers in the next section of the blog.

Cost To Hire Web Developers & Factors

If you want to convert your web development idea into reality, the first thing you need to do is hire dedicated developers.

In order to do so, you have to pay them. Now, the cost to hire developers for web development can highly differ depending on various factors, and in this section of the blog, we shall be discussing everything related to the same.

Mode To Hire & Related Cost

There are various ways you can take to hire web developers in the market. Depending on the mode of hiring developers total cost can differ. After all, the cost to hire a developer also affects the total cost to build a website.

Anyhow, the total cost to hire developers and different ways to do so are, as mentioned below:

Hire Freelancers $15/HR to $95/HR

Outsource to web development company $19/HR to $75/HR

IT Staff Augmentation $25/HR to $65/HR

These are some different ways of hiring web developers as well as the cost associated with them. And with this out of the way, it’s time to learn about web developer costs in different locations.

Web Develop Hourly Rate in Different Locations

Well, location is another major factor that can affect the cost to hire developers and the total cost to build a website.

So, why does this happen?

There are various reasons behind it, but the main ones are the strength of the currency and the local wages. For instance, a US dollar is equivalent to 10s of units of other currencies and even hundreds in some places.

Therefore, the cost to hire a custom website development company in different parts of the world is different.

Let’s look at the different locations and the cost to hire them.


Location Cost
US $35/HR to $105/HR
Europe $25/HR to $95/HR
Asia $15/HR to $85/HR
Middle East $20/HR to $90/HR

Experience of Developer

Last but not least, another factor that affects the cost to build a website is the experience of a developer.

Experience is a currency that is valuable in any field regardless of the industry. Therefore, the more experience you are, the more you can charge.

This remains true for web developers too. This is the reason the cost to hire vetted website developers is higher than hiring less experienced ones.

A quick glance at the same is, as shown below:

Junior Developers  – $15/HR to $55/HR

Middle Developers  – $35/HR to $75/HR

Experienced Developers – $45/HR to $115/HR

These are the cost to hire developers of different expertise.


Website development is growing more and more common. And with this, there are a lot of clients wanting to learn the website development cost. So, if you want to learn more about how much it costs to build a website, it is highly recommended that you consult a website development company in North Carolina. They will give you insight into the same.