There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard about ‘Intermittent fasting’. It has become quite a popular trend in a few years. Even the experts also predicted that the market of intermittent fasting will grow at a CAGR of 15.7%. The reason is that scientific studies and research have favored the idea of intermittent fasting to keep your body disease-free.

People looking to lose weight and stay medically fit are opting for intermittent fasting. After all, this approach helps to control your food intake and limit extra calories only on your own terms. You don’t need calorie counting, or a diet plan, all you need are some apps that can help you to do intermittent fasting befitting your lifestyle.

So, without any delay, let’s dive in to learn about those free and paid intermittent fasting apps that are helping people implement this easy-to-adopt diet procedure.

What is the Intermittent Fasting App?

Before we dive in to know about the top intermittent fasting apps, let’s understand what is intermittent fasting app and why is it gaining momentum among people worldwide?

Whether you’re a beginner or have done intermittent fasting (IF) before, these apps are here to make your life easier. Intermittent fasting apps are those apps that assist these users in keeping track of their fasting hours through graphs and charts. It also reminds you, when you take a break and when to eat. Not only this, you can track your eating habits, water intake, and fasting hours. It also assists you with tips and reminders to keep you motivated in your journey.

Many amazing intermittent fasting apps like Zero, BodyFast, and Vora have become an inspiration for businesses to hire mobile app developers and bring a reliable intermittent fasting app with competitive features.

Although, apart from these apps, there are other best intermittent fasting apps to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. We will get to know them but first, understand the benefits of intermittent fasting that has made people go crazy about it.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting Apps

There are quite a lot of benefits that intermittent fasting provides and this is one of the reasons that apps related to intermittent fasting have gained traction worldwide. Interested businesses are bringing better apps with extensive benefits with the help of an experienced fitness app development company to help users and make money simultaneously.

So, without any delay let’s get to know about them-

A. Keep You Motivated

The first and foremost benefit of these apps is that they keep you motivated through habit tracking. Through this, you can track your progress and set some realistic goals. It can also help you visualize your health and make changes accordingly. You can utilize intermittent fasting apps for weight loss and evaluate your diet accordingly. Apart from that these apps are full of quotes and inspiration, as well as testimonials from other people, which give users a good push to complete their journey.

B. Helps to Lose Weight

Picking the best intermittent fasting app for weight loss can help you achieve your goals through progress reports and stats. It is undoubtedly true that living a healthy lifestyle can lead to fast weight loss. With these apps, the built-in reminders can help you track your meals and water intake to make sure you are properly nourished & hydrated even in your weight-loss journey.

But, we will highly suggest you ask a doctor before you start using intermittent fasting apps if you have any underlying conditions.

C. Works With Different Devices

With the increasing popularity of these apps and their user base, every fitness development company before launching their fasting app makes sure it works with different devices to target more users. So, these intermittent fasting apps are available for different devices and can work without causing any issues. It means you can easily download them on any device be it your phone, tablet, or any other, and start your fasting today.

D. Get Access to a Virtual Coach

To help users and build a better plan for them, these apps provide the facility of virtual coaches to their users. A virtual coach is a tool that acts as a digital mentor to help the user decide on their fasting journey by evaluating their current lifestyle, weight, and target goals. Your journey doesn’t have to be boring, which is why many virtual coaches provide meal preparation after getting to know about your habits and lifestyle on their platform.

E. Easy to Use

Using intermittent fasting apps is no rocket science. Being a user, we are always attracted to such apps that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. Consequently, businesses make sure to keep fasting or fitness app designs visually appealing and simple. Through this, one can keep a check on their progress and track all their goals on the app easily. The user interfaces of these apps are intuitive, so, with basic knowledge of smartphones, you can easily use the app and track your health.

20 Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Are you looking for a list of the best intermittent fasting apps in 2024 that help you in achieving your goal happily? Well, no need to look further. With thorough research, we have brought some of the best names in the market that have gained the trust of users and are widely used.

Without any delay, let’s get to know about them-

1. Fasting Secret


Fasting-Secret App

If you are looking for the best intermittent fasting app for iOS, we would suggest “Fasting Secret”.

It is the best intermittent fasting app to make a transformation through intermittent fasting and change your health completely. You can effortlessly start and stop your fasting period with a Fasting Secret. Also, you can customize your fasting routine as per your choice. So that weight loss doesn’t become a burden on you.

With Fasting Secret, you can use the weight graph dashboard to monitor your goals. You can easily view and track your weight loss. This fasting app delivers real-time updates on your goals and also shares your forgotten time, posing insights into your fasting streaks.

Features of Fasting Secret:

  • You can export your data to an Excel sheet.
  • Schedule your fasting period.
  • Get to know & monitor your height, weight & body fat.
  • No ads.
  • Set a weight loss goal and know about your progress through stats.

Platform Availability: iOS

2. BodyFast


BodyFast Fasting App

While looking for the Best Apps to Make Intermittent Fasting a Little Easier, we came across BodyFast.

BodyFast is one of the top-rated Germany-based intermittent fasting apps that is used in 48 countries and has 40 million+ downloads. The app is unique in its way, it lets you choose your coach who can make plans for you depending on your goal, activity level, body type, and much more.

You can take weekly challenges and win “trophies” once you complete those tasks assigned to you. This helps users to stay motivated & competitive. It is another intermittent fasting app for free that one can use to improve their health through intermittent fasting.

Features of BodyFast:

  • Get 100+ recipes.
  • Reminder & notifications.
  • Weight tracker & stats.
  • Keep a tab on water intake.
  • Choose from 10 fasting plans.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

3. Fastic


Fastic Intermittent Fasting App

The idea of intermittent fasting also promotes eating healthy for sustainable results. Consequently, Fastic provides more than 400 recipes to help you make healthy food choices. It also tells your body status including key phases of your fasting journey.

The app helps to gain insight into your complete progress to motivate you and lets you know if you are lacking somewhere. If you have some queries about nutrition & weight loss questions, you can ask your doubts through an AI-powered chat and get help. Boasting the app feature, they have also provided a water tracker, activity tracker & step counter to identify, track your hydration level and body movement.

Features of Fastic:

  • Helps you lose weight easily.
  • Fasting timer.
  • Explore 400+ delicious recipes.
  • Get insights to improve more.
  • Jibe with your health app.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

4. Simple


Simple Intermittent Fasting App

Simple is an intermittent fasting app that aims to provide a user-friendly experience to its users. It is one of the best free intermittent fasting apps that has an AI personal assistant to keep you motivated and achieve your fasting goals easily.

It includes a food tracker that allows you to type in what you ate, voice it, or upload a picture. You can also get instant food feedback to see whether you are eating right or not. Also, the app provides nutrition scores to let you know about nutritional decisions and areas of improvement.

Features of Simple:

  • Library of fitness and wellness content.
  • Reminder to hydrate and eat properly.
  • Instant answers from Avo’s AI assistant.
  • Daily guidance & follow-up.
  • Show progress charts to see your results.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

5. LIFE Fasting Timer & Tracker


LIFE Intermittent Fasting App

If you are looking for free intermittent fasting apps that connect you with a community, then LIFE fasting timer & tracker is for you. The app helps you to lose weight sustainably, build a community, and share your progress with them.

For many people, it is the best intermittent fasting app as it shows visual graphics to provide insight into your body-fat loss journey of your fast; this can be a motivation booster for many people.

The app offers different types of intermittent fasting styles such as time-restricted eating, extended fasting & more. LIFE fasting app has helped people to lose weight, and live healthy lifestyles. You can surely give this app a try.

Features of LIFE Fasting Timer & Tracker:

  • Start and stop your fasts whenever you want.
  • Track your mood, blood glucose, and more.
  • You can track your habits to fit your daily goals.
  • See the difference and progress with private selfies.
  • Build a community and share with them.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

6. Zero


Zero Intermittent Fasting App

Zero is the best intermittent fasting app for many. From Keto, and low-card to paleo, the app helps users achieve their goals with any type of diet. The app provides many tools such as a weight tracker, food journal, sleep log, and more to accomplish what you have started.

The app covers different aspects such as fasting under confinement, what to drink, monitoring your sleep activity, and much more. Whether you are just starting or have good experience in fasting, it is the best intermittent fasting app for Android & iOS that you should try.

Features of Zero:

  • Chart your progress.
  • Reminders & insights to keep you on track.
  • Opt for challenges that go well with health goals.
  • Enjoy articles, audio, videos & more.
  • Get access to a journal to know your mood.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

7. Sunrise – Intermittent Fasting


Sunrise Intermittent Fasting App

In the list of the best intermittent fasting apps, let’s move forward with “Sunrise Fasting”.

It is the best intermittent fasting app for free that can be your guide for intermittent fasting. The app provides various valuable information, fasting history, stats, and much more that can be helpful to enhance your journey. One thing that makes the app different from its competitors is you can also track your mood in the app.

As the name implies, Sunrise Fasting considers your geolocation and schedules your fasting journey calculating sunrise and sunset times. You can plan your fasting accordingly. But, apart from that, you can also pick from different fasting options and customize a routine for you. The app has so many features for free, and to enjoy more you can also upgrade to its paid version.

Features of Sunrise Fasting:

  • Hourglass count-down to track your goal.
  • See your progress through stats and history.
  • Read about healthy lifestyles through articles.
  • Customize your fasts easily.
  • Make notes.

Platform Availability: iOS

8. Window


Window Intermittent Fasting App

If you are looking for customizable and well-designed intermittent fasting, then the “Window” fasting app is for you.

Through the app, you can track your IF, monitor your progress, and improve wherever you feel the need. The app assists you in tracking your eating schedule, water intake, mood, nutrition, and much more. Basically, the app acts as a super tracker with different features that motivate you to keep going and make your journey smooth.

You can easily get started with the app by sharing about how long you will fast. Choose your plan and customize your eating window. They notify you when your window duration starts and ends.

Features of Window:

  • Get notifications & reminders for your fasting window.
  • Upload your photos, recipes, and mood through a diary.
  • No ads.
  • Offers 8 fasting plans.
  • Manually manage your fasting journey.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

9. Fastient


Fastient Intermittent Fasting App

Looking for a simple and clean fasting with no extras? then you should try Fastient. The app tracks your fasting and leaves you room to journal, see your fasts in graphs, and much more. You can also access all your data on your desktop as well as app.

For many users, it is the best app for intermittent fasting for its journaling feature that allows tracking your sleep schedule, weight, mood, symptoms, and many other factors that can affect your fasts. Through its simple tracker, you can start the time of your fasts, and cancel your fasts as well whenever you want.

Features of Fastient:

  • See your journey through graphs.
  • Offers Dark mode.
  • Access the app from any device or platform.
  • Write your thoughts and feelings in a journal.
  • Offers quick-tag emoji.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

10. DoFasting


DoFasting Intermittent Fasting App

Apart from being the top fasting app, you can consider this platform as a fitness app. The app helps in your journey for weight loss through intermittent fasting adapting to different needs of users. It provides diet plans, educational articles, and workout sessions to provide you with an all-in-one solution.

You can create daily meal plans in the app and even make delicious recipes with the help of 5,000+ recipes from vegan, meat-based to keto-friendly meals offered in the app. Moreover, the app helps you to track your calorie, water intake, weight, and many more to get updates on your journey. Among the top intermittent fasting apps for free, DoFasting stands out due to its features but you can also buy a premium version to explore more.

Features of DoFasting:

  • Track your calorie and water intake.
  • Easy workout routines.
  • No equipment exercises are available.
  • 5,000+ recipes for your every meal requirement.
  • Informational articles and guidance are available.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

11. iFasting


iFasting Intermittent Fasting App

iFasting is a free intermittent fasting tracker that offers wide-ranging features to make your IF journey helpful and easy. The app offers guidance to help you with your meal preparation and a journal where you can write about your journey including weight, mood, and much more.

It is the best free intermittent fasting app, that offers so many features to be your helping hand in your journey without charging any money. You can track your monthly, weekly, and daily reports easily. One best thing that has made this IF app successful in the market is that it can sync with your wearable devices easily.

Features of iFasting:

  • Provide backup on Google Drive.
  • Sync with a wearable device.
  • Do an informative analysis.
  • Monitor your progress as you want.
  • Evidence about meal preparations.

Platform Availability: Android.

12. FastHabit


FastHabit Intermittent Fasting App

In the list of top free intermittent fasting apps, we have another name “FastHabit”.

It is an intermittent fasting app that helps users break their cravings, lose weight, and live a healthy lifestyle. The Fasthabit app has been featured in GQ, The Fast Company, The Guardian and is a prominent app in the list of the best intermittent fasting apps.

Through this app, you can track your progress, get reminders, track your water intake, and acquire insight into your predetermined goals. You can get 10-day snapshot notifications to see the days you have fasted and missed. The app is a great way to track your intermittent fasting, you should use FastHabit for better results.

Features of FastHabit:

  • You can set your reminders.
  • Track your weight.
  • Calendar & weekly view.
  • Easy & simple way to fast.
  • Get help through the “Getting Started” guide.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

13. Vora


Vora Intermittent Fasting App

Vora is one of the famous cloud-based fasting apps that give you a visual record of your fasts. You can view, edit, and erase your fasts. The app provides all-day timings, daily weight loss goals, your progress fasting hours, and other necessary insights.

Apart from these, you can also see your past 7 days chart to know the status of your goal and post on your social media making it the best free intermittent fasting app. The app supports different types of fasts such as Daniel fast, 3-day fast, fat loss forever, partial fast, alternative day diet & more.

One more thing that we have liked about Vora is that it provides access to community forums to let you know about people who are on the intermittent fasting journey with you.

Features of Vora:

  • Share on your socials.
  • Easy to understand and track your journey well.
  • Offers community program.
  • View your 7 fasts through a chart.
  • You can leave notes to view them later.

Platform Availability: iOS

14. Ate Food Journal


Ate Food Journal Intermittent Fasting App

As the name implies, the Ate Food Journal is a fasting tracking app that helps to build a better and healthier lifestyle. It acts as a journal to show you your food choices, track the gap between meal times, and more to correct your dietary choices, which makes it one of the best intermittent fasting apps for a healthier lifestyle.

One more extraordinary feature that the app provides is social community. Users can share their journey on social media; invite their friends to build community and share fasting routine daily. If you are inconsistent and can’t follow your diet regularly, then you should surely give Ate Food Journal a chance.

Features of Ate Food Journal:

  • Capture what you eat.
  • Get insights about your food choices.
  • Customize your food to meet your demands.
  • Easy to review your meals.
  • Track your sleep, water level, feelings, and thoughts.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

15. Clear


Clear Intermittent Fasting App

Without sweaty workouts, you can still lose weight through these Best Free Intermittent Fasting Apps. Clear is one such app. The app works as a timer to track your fasting times and your eating journey.

The app has several programs specially curated for its users where they can track their water consumption, track daily progress, & much more. In addition to that, the app also provides easy-to-make recipes to break your fasts with a mouth-watering meal. Moreover, you can see the timer on your screen through a widget, or a countdown notification.

Features of Clear:

  • Offers Easy-to-cook healthy recipes.
  • Switch to dark mode if you want.
  • Track your fast through a widget.
  • Sync with Google Fit easily.
  • Offer water tracker for drinking reminder.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

16. Rhythm


Rhythm Intermittent Fasting App

In the list of the best intermittent fasting apps, the next name is ‘ Rhythm’

It is one of the best IF apps to monitor and track your day-to-day routine. You can easily choose from different IF styles and encompass them as per your schedule. You can start with a simple fasting schedule and grow more with time.

The app is easy to use where you can set your daily fasting goal, and see your improvement through one click. The app also notifies you once you complete your fast and stops notifications after that.

Features of Rhythm:

  • Track your daily fasts.
  • Monitor your progress.
  • Get notified once you achieve your goal.
  • View and manage your completed fasts.
  • Gain reminders to start fasting.

Platform Availability: iOS

17. WeFast


WeFast Intermittent Fasting App

Whether you’re just starting your Keto fasting or you’re a pro, WeFast is among the top list of intermittent fasting apps that help you track your journey and complete it successfully. This app helps to build a community through a group chat and share your journey, provide tips, & show support to your fellow community.

Through different fasting schedules, you can choose and customize your fasting plan as per your lifestyle. You can see graphs of achievement and fasting progress to achieve milestones easily. Enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle with proper calorie management, meal monitoring, eating intervals & gain your results faster than ever.

Features of WeFast:

  • Gain insights about your weight-loss journey.
  • Select from different fasting plans.
  • Provide understandable graphs for insights.
  • Build a supportive community.
  • Get fasting advice from your fellow members.

Platform Availability: Android

18. Lasta


Lasta Intermittent Fasting App

Start your weight-loss journey with a diet organizer and fasting companion ‘ Lasta’. The app is designed to provide user assistance in their fat-loss journey with an all-in-one solution where you can track your fasting time, calorie intake, and much more to reach your goal.

Since calorie intake and watching over nutrition is necessary, the app provides food and calorie intake facilities for a successful weight loss journey. Mood swings can upsurge your hunger and can spoil your fasting journey. As a result, the app has provided a mood tracker that lets you track your emotional state and cheer you up through audio and video to make sure you don’t go the wrong way.

Features of Lasta:

  • Calorie intake & meal logging.
  • Customized fitness programs.
  • Offer meal-planning.
  • Provides different trackers.
  • Helps you in mindful eating.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

19. Fasten


Fasten Intermittent Fasting App

Fasten is one of the best free apps for intermittent fasting that can become your companion in your weight loss journey. If you have any questions, you can talk to its AI chatbot which will solve your query in seconds.

You can even personalize your fasting time as per your lifestyle. Once you achieve your goal you will get notified. Fasten offers track of your daily progress, user timing, and countdown service to keep you driven to achieve your goal.

Features of Fasten:

  • Get notified for completion of fasting goal daily.
  • You can start or change your fasting time.
  • Water, mood, and weight tracker.
  • Customize your diet.
  • Integrate with Google Fit.

Platform Availability: Android

20. Litely


Litely Intermittent Fasting App

Litely is one of the top AI-intermittent fasting apps. The AI coach integrated into the app provides you assistance through a customized fasting plan as per your lifestyle and be a full guide to complete intermittent fasting.

The app can be a great companion in your journey and offer support to live a healthy lifestyle. Litely provides an inventive fasting tracker to know about your fasting progress and make changes as per to achieve your goal successfully. The fasting trackers monitor your meals, water intake, and exercises to update you regularly.

Features of Litely:

  • Get AI assistance.
  • Great collection of food recipes.
  • Supportive community.
  • Offers powerful & feature-rich tools.
  • Customized diet plans.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS

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With people’s increasing interest in getting a fit body without sweaty workouts in Gym, intermittent fasting is gaining momentum. And, these apps are making sure to be the best companion for people to enjoy and complete their fasting journey.

Above, we have listed all the best intermittent fasting apps that will provide you with the necessary features to get you started. However, they also have paid versions which you can take if you start enjoying intermittent fasting. Till then, make sure to utilize basic features and move forward towards a healthy life.

If you are a businessman or dietician looking to make people aware of IF, then these apps’ success will surely motivate you to take the help of a mobile app development company i.e. We AppIt LLC and develop a robust and secure intermittent fasting app for your users.


Intermittent fasting apps are those apps that help you in your journey of fasting. These apps keep tabs on your fasting hours, meal preparation, water intake, eating habits, and many more. People have started using these apps to start their journey of intermittent fasting and excel at it.

Yes, they track calories; hydration, and fasting hours to make sure you are eating healthy and are recommended by dieticians and doctors. There are several scientific studies that have shown the benefits of intermittent fasting. So, these apps will act as companions in the process and keep you informed about your journey.

Yes, you can lose your weight easily without feeling tired. Through intermittent fasting apps, you will lose extra fat following a proper healthy lifestyle. These apps will send you reminders and notification whenever your fasts starts and ends.

There are apps that are available in the market which are free to use. Some of them also offer paid versions. Once you try the free version you can switch to their paid version. Some of the best apps to use are BodyFast, Fasting Secret, LIFE fasting tracker, etc.

There are several intermittent apps available in the market. You can try your hands on different apps to find the one for you. Different apps offer diverse features that include various fasting styles, numerous meal plans, and much more. You can use and choose the best as per your requirements.