Fitness Industry is Growing Fast. Global Fitness App Market will reach $15.2 Billion by the year 2028, Are You Ready For It? Prepare for the boundless market of fitness apps like MyFitnessPal with market-leading fitness app development from We AppIt LLC.

As a leading fitness app development company in North Carolina, we can bring your idea to reality, helping you reach every fitness freak and 9 to 5 worker who wants to improve their health. We are here to help you become the next best thing in the market.

Custom Fitness App Development vs ReadyMade Fitness Apps What’s Best For You

Should you go with custom fitness app development solutions or get a readymade fitness app? Let’s compare them head to head and find which one is better for your business. It is, as mentioned below:

Custom Fitness App
  • With Fitness App Development custom-made, the client can specify the scope.
  • During the fitness app development process, the client has full control.
  • Custom fitness app development solution only requires clients to pay once.
  • Being custom app development, these fitness app solutions are built around clients’ needs.
  • Clients get to decide the level of security of the fitness app development.
  • It allows clients to create fitness apps with custom features.
  • Custom fitness app development solutions are completely exclusive.
Ready-Made Fitness Apps
  • A readymade fitness app is a general solution with no fixed scope.
  • Here, the client has no control over the app development fitness solution, as it's ready-made.
  • The client has to pay a regular subscription fee to keep using the readymade taxi app.
  • Since the client has no say in the development or final product, there is no room for customization.
  • Ready-made apps aren’t known for their security standards.
  • Ready-made Fitness apps have basic features and no room to add custom ones.
  • Ready-made solutions for Fitness apps aren’t exclusive.

Build Fitness App

Create your Fitness app today with the best Fitness App Development Company in North Carolina, Reach out to us now.

User-Centric Fitness App Development Features

We AppIt LLC Mobile app and web development company in North Carolina know what it takes to create a successful fitness app. That’s why we build the right fitness app development features that drive user engagement.



This is an essential feature of the user panel which allows users to register on the platform. They have several options to create a profile including social media, email, phone number, Google Account, Apple ID, and so on.


Hire Trainer

The user gets the hire trainer option through which they can get a personal trainer. There is a range of trainers to choose from on the platform. Every trainer has their own specialty and provides online services through the app.


Guided Workout

In addition to various workouts, the platforms also have guided workout features. Here, the user can use the audio-based guidelines to conduct a workout without looking at the screen of the phone. This is a user-friendly feature.


Custom Plans

Everyone has their own body type and workout needs. With the custom workout plans, users can create a personalized workout themselves based on their body weight, body type, goal, and more. The trainer can contribute to the custom workout.


eWallet Integration

eWallet integration is a must-have feature for every Fitness app. It allows users to pay for their trainer via their Fitness mobile application without any hassle. There are several payment options like cards, in-app wallets, and so on.



Just like the user, the fitness can register themselves on the platform through this feature of the trainer panel. This includes their phone number, e-mail ID, Google account, and so on. This is an easy process.


Handle Clients

This is another important feature of the trainer panel as it allows them to handle the client they are working with. They can accept or reject requests from new users to hire them as trainers too. These are a few functions of this feature.


In-App Communication

To provide seamless online Fitness services, the trainer can connect with the user. This allows them to guide the diet, workout, and so on. In addition to in-app messaging, there is also an option for video conferencing.


Create A Workout

As the name suggests, this feature of the trainer panel enables the trainer to create a custom workout for their clients. This is an essential feature as it helps users to get to their fitness goals with the help of their trainer in no time.


Payment Management

The user side of the app comes with eWallet integration. Therefore, the trainer panel has its own counterpart known as payment management where they can receive and manage monthly or hourly payments.


User Base Management

As a leading Fitness app development company, we include the right features in the admin panel of fitness apps including user base management. This allows the admin to remove inactive accounts and manage active ones.


Inventory Management

This is another basic feature of the admin panel. This allows the admin and the management team to add new workouts to the platform, and modify or remove the old ones. It’s essential to keep the app’s content market relevant.


Revenue Management

The platform has a lot of revenue flow. Therefore, as an on-demand fitness app development company, we fit revenue management features in the admin panel. This is an essential function as it allows the supervision of income.


Analytics Tools

A lot of online fitness businesses learn from their analytical data about fitness and customer behavior. That’s why we include the must-have analytical tools in the admin panel of the Fitness app


Campaign Management

n order to generate revenue a lot of platforms display ads and paid promotions. Therefore, it’s important to include the campaign management feature which allows the admin to manage and create advertisements.


Fitness Mobile Application Development Process

Wonder how to create a fitness app? We AppIt LLC a leading fitness tracker app development company follows a well-planned development process to ensure solutions are built as per your business needs and market standards. The process is, as mentioned below:

Analysis & Planning


We AppIt LLC being one of the best fitness app development companies in the market first understand the client’s needs and then create a plan around the same. This allows us to deliver unmatched fitness app development services.



Once we have a plan, it’s time to research the trillion-dollar fitness app development market thoroughly. Information gathered during the research becomes the fuel for the fitness app development process.



When you hire fitness app developers with We AppIt LLC, you hire the most creative minds in the market. That’s why we create a wireframe to visualize fitness app design ideas before creating the final design of the app.



This is the part where our team of professional mobile app developers creates the final version of the Fitness app and writes the source code for it. This is the longest step of the Fitness app development process.



After the app is developed, it is tested by the QA team to make sure the app is up to the industry standards and there are no bugs or errors. After all the necessary changes are made, the app is sent for deployment.



The last step of fitness app development includes deploying the app in the market after it is approved by the client. We AppIt LLC as a leading fitness app development company is with you from start to end and beyond.

Innovation Driven Fitness App Development Services

We AppIt LLC as a leading fitness app development company in USA is driven by innovative technologies and result delivering technologies. We integrate state-of-the-art tech in our solution to deliver unmatched mobile app development services.

Get Accurate App Development Cost Estimation

If you are looking for accurate fitness app development cost estimation, contact the best fitness app development company with your project specification and we will give you a quote.

Choose The Best On Demand Fitness App Development Company

To build a working app that outshines the competition, work with the best On-Demand Fitness App Development Company in the USA. We AppIt LLC offer a range of stellar services for your every business need.


Agile Fitness App Development

As a leading fitness app development company, we follow an agile fitness app development process that helps your business grow. We create a solution that helps your business grow and generate revenue.


Build Fitness Tracker App – Affordably

Market-leading wellness and fitness app development doesn’t have to be expensive, does it? We AppIt LLC offer stellar fitness app development services at affordable rates. Reach out to us today.


Fast Time To Market

Don’t want to wait for your market-leading Fitness app for a long time? With fast time to market, our Fitness and wellness app development solutions are ready in no time without compromising the quality.

Serving Leading Solutions

We AppIt LLC being a market leading IT company serves all the major industries. So, whether you want to develop an taxi booking app like Uber, Food delivery app like UberEats, or a grocery delivery app like InstaCart, we have got you covered.

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asked question

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about fitness app development company.


The process to develop a market-leading fitness app is, as mentioned below:

  • Ideation
  • Research
  • Validation
  • Hire developers
  • Choose platform
  • Build tech stack
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Some of the top features that should be included in fitness app development solutions are, as mentioned below:

  • Registration
  • Secure login
  • Ready made fitness app workouts
  • Custom workouts
  • Hire trainer
  • In app payment
  • Guided workout

If you want to develop a fitness app for your business, all you need to do is reach out to We AppIt LLC a leading fitness app development company in North Carolina USA. As a market leader, we help you with everything ranging from ideation to deployment and beyond. We have the right team and tools required to bring your idea to life.

Fitness app development costs can range from $45,000 to $250,000 based on the complexity and other factors of the app.

To determine the accurate cost of your solution, it is highly recommended that you consult a market-leading fitness app Development Company.

There are various ways a fitness app platform can make money. Some of these are, as mentioned below:

  • Premium profile
  • Advertisement
  • Trainer commission
  • Custom workout

Moreover, you can create monetization plans of your own.

Yes, a fitness app can be quite profitable if done right app. Fitness app like MyFitnessPals has been generating billions of dollars. The industry itself is worth trillions.

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We AppIt LLC always delivers satisfactory results to customers. Here are some words from our clients.

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We AppIt LLC always delivers satisfactory results to customers. Here are some words from our clients.

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