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ECommerce app revenue crosses 4 trillion dollar mark. Apps like Amazon, Meesho, eBay are ruling the market with millions of active users. If you want to capture this trillion-dollar industry with an eCommerce store of your own, now is the time.

We AppIt LLC is here to help. Build eCommerce Platform to grow your business next level. Our team delivers apps that are scalable and growth-promoting. Work with the best eCommerce App Development Company to Create Best Solutions for your business.

Professional ecommerce app development solutions

eCommerce apps come in all shapes and sizes. That’s why We AppIt LLC offers a range of professional and in-demand eCommerce App Development Solutions that fits well with today’s market needs. With us, you can build eCommerce platform that fulfills business needs. Some popular solutions are:


Custom eCommerce App Development Services

Everyone’s perfect is different. If you have a perfect idea that you want to convert to eCommerce app, our Custom eCommerce App Development services help you do just that. Ground up development for an idea that can change the world.


eCommerce App Maintenance Services

Development just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you want eCommerce to be successful it has to be maintained. With our app maintenance services that improve solutions with time to tackle every changing market, you can do just that.


eCommerce App Upgradation & Migration

The time of using legacy solutions is over. Your business deserves an upgrade. And with our eCommerce App upgrade and migration services, you can move to a better and more capable platform and grow your business to the next level.


Shopify eCommerce Development Services

Build eCommerce Solutions on one of the most popular and capable eCommerce development platforms, shopify. Our team of developers has the right experience and expertise to develop market-leading eCommerce solutions.


Magento eCommerce Development Services

If you want to create an eCommerce platform that attracts millions of customers and helps you generate billions in revenue, Magento is the platform you are looking for.


Ecommerce app development cost

So, how much does it cost to develop eCommerce apps? Well, eCommerce app development cost depends on a lot of factors. Let’s look at some of them below:



eCommerce app vs eCommerce website, based on the platform you choose, the total cost can highly differ. Therefore, consider this factor when calculating total development cost.



The complexity of the eCommerce app development process highly affects the total cost. The reasons being that more complex apps are more expensive while simple ones are much cheaper to develop.

Tech Stack


Tech stack refers to the technologies used to build eCommerce platform. This includes everything from programming language to framework. It highly affects total eCommerce app development cost.

Type of eCommerce App


Cost to build eCommerce app and website highly depends on which type of platform you are developing. Therefore, keep this in mind when calculating the cost.



If you want to build professional ecommerce app for your business with high security, the cost will go up. Security integration is one of the big factors that affects total cost.



Size of the eCommerce platform is yet another factor that affects cost to hire dedicated eCommerce app developers which affects total app development cost.

Innovation Driven eCommerce App Development Services

We AppIt LLC as a leading ecommerce app development company in USA is driven by innovative technologies and result delivering technologies. We integrate state-of-the-art tech in our solution to deliver unmatched mobile app development services.

Get Accurate App Development Cost Estimation

If you are looking for accurate ecommerce app development cost estimation, contact the best ecommerce app development company with your project specification and we will give you a quote.

The best ecommerce app development company in north carolina

Hire mobile app developers with We AppIt LLC for your next business venture. Our hiring models are crafted to fit your business need.


eCommerce Apps

eCommerce market is valued in trillions and is ever-changing. With our scalable eCommerce App development solutions you can build eCommerce platform that fits your fluid business needs.


Best Yet Budget

With things growing more expensive, it’s getting harder to find quality. We Appit LLC as the top ecommerce app development company delivers high-quality budget-friendly eCommerce apps.


Fast Time To

You don’t have to wait for your eCommerce app to be ready anymore. As a leading eCommerce app development company we build professional ecommerce app with fast time to market.

Serving Leading Solutions

We AppIt LLC being a market leading IT company serves all the major industries. So, whether you want to develop an taxi booking app like Uber, Food delivery app like UberEats, or a grocery delivery app like InstaCart, we have got you covered.

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asked question

Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about ecommerce app development company.


The cost to build eCommerce platform is highly affected by the various factor involved in the development process. These factors are, as mentioned below:

  • Platform
  • Location of developer
  • Tech stack
  • Testing process
  • Complexity
  • Size of app

These are some factors that affect total app development cost. Nevertheless, total app development for eCommerce platforms ranges between $25,000 and $125,000. For more details on the same, consult an eCommerce app development company.

We AppIt LLC Right has right expertise and experience required to build professional eCommerce app that helps business expand and generate millions of dollars. Therefore, we can help you bring your idea to reality and develop a solution that fits your business needs.

The world we live in is changing, people are doing everything online. Therefore, this is the right to build professional eCommerce app for your business. The market has billions of potential audiences and trillion in revenue generation opportunities. Therefore, if you are someone who wants to create a market-leading eCommerce app, now is the time.

If you want to hire eCommerce app developers at reasonable rates, all you need to do is reach out to We AppIt LLC a market-leading eCommerce app development company. We offer budget-friendly solutions that your business will absolutely love.

We Appit LLC offers a range of eCommerce app development services including:

  • Magento eCommerce Development Services
  • Shopify eCommerce Development Services
  • eCommerce App Upgradation & Migration
  • eCommerce App Maintenance Services
  • Custom eCommerce App Development Services

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We AppIt LLC always delivers satisfactory results to customers. Here are some words from our clients.

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We AppIt LLC always delivers satisfactory results to customers. Here are some words from our clients.

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