51% of the world population will be obese by 2035.

With this shocking revelation, staying healthy is no more a choice but a necessity. As you know, weight loss has been the center of the fitness industry for a very long time. Research has found that keeping track of your diet, calorie intake, and exercise can help you develop good habits & promote a healthy lifestyle.

To do so, you can ditch pen and paper & download weight loss apps. But, the question is with so many weight loss apps in the market, how to choose the best app for your fitness journey?

Well, you don’t have to run around. We will be providing you with the list of best weight loss apps for 2024.

What are Weight Loss Apps?

Before we jump in, first get to know about what are weight loss apps?

Many of us have this thinking that any app that helps to reduce weight are weight loss app. But, no, this is not completely true. As per dieticians and experts, weight loss apps are programs that provide assistance to track your lifestyle habits such as exercise tracking, macros tracking, water intake, and more.

People who are keen to take care of their bodies and lose weight download such kinds of apps as their companions in their weight loss journey. Many users often wonder “What is the best weight loss app”. Several apps have made their name among the best weight loss apps like Fitbit & FatSecret. But, any app that fits well with your requirements is the best weight loss app for you.

Apart from that, businesses have also understood that providing some basic features is not enough in this competitive market. As a result, they follow a step-by-step fitness app development guide and integrate support forms, barcode scanners, and many other features for a seamless weight loss journey. Until we see more new apps, you can give a try to user favorite apps such as MyFitnessPal, FatSecret, and others.

A Quick Glance at the Best Apps to Lose Weight

Best user-friendly weight loss app MyFitnessPal


Best weight loss app for activity tracking Fitbit
Best free weight loss app FatSecret
Best weight loss app with guidance Noom
Best weight loss app for meal logging Lose it!
Best weight loss app for the community WW international
Best weight loss app for diabetes MyNetDiary
Best weight loss app for nutrient tracking Cronometer
Best weight loss app for grocery shopping Fooducate
Best weight loss app for diet variety Lifesum

Best Weight Loss Apps For 2024

Why do people look for the best apps for exercise and weight loss?

Well, simply to manage their weight, and achieve their fitness goal. A fitness app has all the necessary features even more than any user requires. But, before you download apps to track weight loss, make sure to consult with your doctor for proper guidance.

Without any delay, let’s get started

1. MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal weight loss app

On this list, number one is everyone’s favorite “MyFitnessPal”.

It is a great weight loss tracking app that helps you track your calories. Besides that, it also provides a food analysis tool, personalized assistance, a recipe journal, a food database, a water tracker, and much more.

The app has one of the largest food databases and allows you to plan your meals as per your comfort. What’s more? The app can connect to more than 50+ apps & devices, so you gain access to your weight loss journey from any device.

Plan your next meal with MyFitnessPal by searching, or adding food from your history, and even better you can just click a photo of your plate to track your food. While testing this app, we realized that the free version is all you need if you are just starting. As it has all the necessary features one can need, we give it a thumbs up to be among the best free weight loss apps.


  • Good for community building.
  • 350+ fitness exercises available.
  • Exceptional calorie counter.


  • Make changes to your food log from anywhere.
  • Provide Instant Feedback.
  • The app has flexible meal plans.


  • Can pull wrong incorrect nutrition sometimes.
  • Inconsistent updating.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS


2. Fitbit


Fitbit weight loss app

Another top name in the list of the best apps for weight loss is ‘’Fitbit”. The Fitbit app can track your calories, water level, food intake, sleep, and daily activity.

Fitbit Weight Loss app has a lot of workout content that can keep you motivated throughout your weight-loss journey. Moreover, the company sells different wearable fitness trackers of different styles, which you can sync up to enjoy more features.

You get access to audio & video workouts, access your health stats, and do much more, it’s just like a mini fitness planner in your pocket. Download and Use the app to improve your results.


  • Track your day-to-day activity.
  • Offer healthy recipes.
  • Sleep analysis.
  • Keep track of your diet.


  • User-friendly.
  • Automatic activity syncing.
  • Track data about health easily.
  • Connect with your friends on your journey.


  • Subscription is required to access better features.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


3. FatSecret


FatSecret weight loss app

If you are looking for the best fitness and weight loss apps, we suggest you use “FatSecret”.

The app offers a wide-ranging free version which is beneficial for you to complete your weight loss journey & achieve better health. What’s more to the app? Well, it provides an image recognition system that you can utilize to know about your calorie intake. You can click the picture of your plate, or any product to know about the nutrition it has.

Apart from that, FatSecret also believes in community building, you can interact with people who are working towards a weight loss journey. This will surely motivate you to not give up & work towards your aim.


  • Nutritional diet by experts.
  • Diet calendar to know about calories.
  • Offers a wonderful community.
  • Provide weight tracker.


  • Features journal to track experience.
  • Syncs with health apps and trackers.
  • Provide a vast database of food including popular restaurants.


  • Difficult to navigate.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


4. Noom


Noom weight loss app

Noom Weight Loss app is the best app that can help you reduce your weight by keeping you aware of your habits. The app has tools like water tracking, step counting and offers so many recipes that you will never feel like you are on a weight loss journey.

Stress and thoughts are also another reason for weight increase. But, with the Noom Mood tracker, you can manage your stress and keep your mental well-being in check. You can develop healthier food habits with the help of Noom and take back control of your life. Surely, these features make it stand among the best fitness & health apps for weight loss.


  • Provides weekly challenges.
  • Easily track your progress.
  • Biometric tracking tool.


  • Offers help of a virtual coaching team.
  • Endorses behavioral changes.
  • Diverse food database.
  • Offer Mood tracker.


  • Can be time-consuming to log food.
  • Moderately expensive.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


5. Lose It!


Lose It weight loss app

Moving forward with Lose It! App. Whether you are looking for the best apps to lose weight or want to track your calories, Lose It has it all. It is an intuitive weight loss app that helps to drop your weight easily by simply inputting your meal and calculating calorie intake, the app suggests best for you.

Lose It analyzes your weight, age, and other health aspects to offer the best weight loss plan for you. After your plan is acclaimed, you can log your food intake and easily track calories, saturated fat, fiber, sugar, and protein intake. Also, the app allows counting the calories of food dishes of popular restaurants.

For beginners, it is hands down one of the best weight loss tracker apps. You can just simply set your goal and keep track of it while working towards your goal.


  • Community-oriented.
  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Track your macros, protein, and more.


  • Features a huge database.
  • Sync with other weight loss and fitness apps like Apple Health.
  • Barcode Scanner.
  • Calorie counting.


  • Free version has excessive ads.
  • In-accurate Exercise.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


6. WW international


WW International weight loss app

WW previously known as Weight Watchers is a veteran in the list. It is one of the best apps to track weight loss and is used by millions. The app doesn’t impose any plan on you, instead understands your lifestyle before offering you weight loss programs.

The app is user-friendly & intuitive and gives users a tailored daily point system through which it assigns points for every food intake on the basis of their fat, sugar, and calorie intake.

Most popularly, it focuses on personalization. So, they offer you a weekly report to know about your progress and any section for improvement can be visible to you through ‘’my progress’’. It is surely one of the best apps to reduce weight that you should try.


  • Supportive weight loss community.
  • Tons of resources available.
  • Balanced and flexible.


  • Has a huge database of recipes.
  • Launched a new feature on what to eat to make healthier choices.
  • 24/7 live coach is available on chat.
  • Barcode scanner is available.
  • No food is forbidden.


  • No water tracking.
  • Insider lingo needs time to work.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


7. MyNetDiary


MyNetDiary weight loss app

Ranked number #1 by Forbes in 2022. The app ‘’MyNetDiary’’ is an all-rounder best weight loss tracker app. Why? You may ask as the app has a barcode scanner, diabetes tracker, macros tracking, and all-inclusive diet plan, everything that one can need to track their diet and nutrition.

The app is easy to navigate and has so many free features that are enough to get you started. From the customizable dashboard, water tracker, steps tracker, expert professionals, to lightning-fast journal, everything is available at your fingertips.

With over 18 million members, it is surely among the great weight loss tracker apps that will guide you successfully on your weight loss journey.


  • Exercise tracking.
  • Weight tracking.
  • Blood glucose tracking.


  • Accessible through different platforms.
  • Community-driven.
  • Can sync with different devices such as FitBit & Apple Health.
  • Built-in tracker for every step you take.


  • Subscription is needed to use better features.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


8. Cronometer


Cronometer weight loss app

While searching for the best apps to lose weight, we found another Gem “Cronometer App’’. Through this app, you can track up to 84 components & other composites to ensure you are meeting your nutrient target even on your weight loss journey.

Not everyone has the same lifestyle, so one plan is not for everyone, so they customize their plans for you. Whether you’re following keto, vegan, or any other diet, you can get all kinds of diet support from Cronometer. Not only this, but it has also features of the best intermittent fasting apps such as a fasting timer through which you can track intermittent fasts.

The fact that it has so many free features such as a macro-tracker, calorie tracker, reminder to log meals, and progress report makes it the best free weight loss app. It surely lays more emphasis on your complete nutrition rather than focusing on only calorie intake.


  • Provides community support.
  • Data privacy & support.
  • Interprets accurate nutrition data.


  • Customizable dashboard.
  • Fast & easy-to-use food journal.
  • Track your complete diet.
  • Supports intermittent fasting apps.


  • Some things can be complex to track.
  • Free version has many ads.
  • Subscription is costly.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


9. Fooducate


Fooducate weight loss app

Fooducate is surely among the top weight loss apps, you may wonder why? Because the app is designed to lose weight & live a healthier life and possesses all the necessary features needed to do so.

Community plays an important role in weight loss to stay motivated in your journey and get progress tips timely. Fooducate offers you the same; it has a community of wellness enthusiasts who are working on similar goals as you. What else? It is surely the best weight loss tracker app through which you can track your calories, macronutrients, micronutrients, meals, and much more. Seeing your records, you can choose to follow a plan and achieve your weight loss accordingly.

Not only this, the app can scan a product and let you know about a lot of things that are not in front of your eyes. Such as, you are eating a packet of chips and want to know information about it such as trans-fat, artificial sweeteners in the product, additives & preservatives. You should at least give this app a try.


  • People with gluten allergy can use the app.
  • Get insights about your health.
  • Has a large food database.


  • The app has a grading system.
  • Can track many vital details.


  • Many necessary features are available with a paid version.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


10. Lifesum


Lifesum weight loss app

If you are just starting your weight loss journey, you should surely begin with Lifesum. Apart from being a calorie counter, it surely helps in building & tracking healthy habits for life. The app is one of the best apps to lose weight as it offers many plans related to it for different dietary preferences such as keto, paleo, or vegan. Also, you can use their barcode scanner to make your weight loss tracking easier.

One more thing that is exceptionally good is that it has nutritional information breakdown of millions of foods. So, if you are eating something on your diet, you can easily get to know about its nutritional value. What’s more?

Well, it isn’t limited to a weight loss tracking app but also tracks your water level, macros such as protein, carbs, fat, and integrates with different fitness trackers. The app offers personalized diet plans as per your body composition.


  • Sync with trackers such as Fitbit, Apple Health, and more.
  • Offers intermittent fasting plans.
  • Meal plans with grocery lists.
  • Library of recipes with smart filters for quick results.


  • Offers plans for different diet preferences.
  • Macro tracking and adjustable goals.
  • Body measurement tracking.


  • Community feature is not available.

Platform Availability: Android and iOS.


Comparison of best fitness and weight loss apps

Apps Subscription cost Ratings Notable Features
MyFitnessPal Free
$9.99/month or $49.99/year
Android- 4.0

iPhone- 4.7

“Quick Add” feature

Syncs with different trackers

Fitbit Free
$9.99/month or $79.99/year


Water and food logging.


Integrate with different devices.

FatSecret Free Android-4.6


Food Journal.

Syncs with third-party apps.

Data sharing with professionals.

Noom $70/month. Android-4.2


1 on 1 coaching.

Mood logging.

10-min daily lesson.

Lose it! Free
$9.99/month or $39.99/year


Food database.

Snap it Feature.

Recipe builder.

WW international $15-$65/month Android- 4.7


Extensive WW community.

1 on 1 coaching.

MyNetDiary Free
$18.95/month or 60/year
Android- 4.7

iPhone- 4.8

Sync with third-party.

GPS tracker.

Testing and medication reminders.

Cronometer $4.16 monthly ( optional) Android- 4.7

iPhone- 4.7

Micro-nutrient tracking.

Food and exercise logging.

Syncs with third-party apps.

Fooducate Free
$9.99/month or $89.99/year
Android- 4.2

iPhone- 4.6

Grading System.

Food and exercise logging.

Scans for allergies.

Lifesum Free
$8.33/quarter, $6.67/ half year,$25/first year


Syncs with devices.

Large number of diets available.

Provides a diary.


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The roaring success of best weight loss tracker apps like MyFitnessPal has shown how much potential this industry holds. These apps have brought positive & sustainable ways to assist people in reducing weight.

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced person, you should surely check out these apps and utilize their features for your wellness. As a business owner, you can take inspiration from these apps to build prominent weight loss apps and reap the benefits of this industry. You can surely take the help of We Appit LLC, the best fitness app development company to get a feature-rich solution in your budget.


Weight loss apps are generally accurate. There might be issues of self-reporting or error from your side that can lead to these apps collecting wrong information and overestimating or underestimating some aspects of your journey.

Not losing weight can be due to different reasons. Many apps don’t use proper scientific-backed weight loss strategies to know about correct weight measurements. So, make sure to download only the best apps that have been popular and present in the market for quite a few years.

The downside of food tracking can be the feeling of being stuck in a repetitive cycle & eating regular food. But, you can utilize different recipes to try something new in your weight loss journey.

There are different free weight loss apps available in the market such as Fat Secret MyFitnessPal, and Lose It. Some of the best weight loss apps have extensive features in a free version that you will not feel the need to pay for the premium version.

Weight loss apps only work if you make the best habits using them. You can work on yourself by tracking your diet, and water level, and easily reach your goal. But, make sure to do this honestly to make your weight loss app work.

Yes, they can be a great tool to monitor your diet and maintain your lifestyle. These apps can track your food habits and aware you of areas for improvement leading to more mindful eating.