Are you a Gym Freak? Or want to find out the best workout apps?

Then this article is of your interest, here you will find a defined list of fitness apps that can assist you in identifying the relatable fitness apps suitable for you to start your fitness journey.

As per Thomas Fuller “Health is not valued until sickness comes”

Health is an important and most crucial parameter to be considered. Pandemic has created a demand to identify virtual fitness apps to get the best fitness solutions in the comfort of your home. Thus, the best workout planning apps come into the picture.

The best exercise tracker applications possess the ability to increase your potential and ability to perform your assigned task with responsibility. It provides you with the motivation that assists you in reaching your high potential.

Finding the best fitness monitoring apps that contain all the features and match your demand is essential to be discovered. The blog will lead you to identify the best fitness tracking app for Android and fitness tracking app for iOS.

Selecting the best fitness app with the perfect health expert can be a difficult task for you. But, not anymore. We have got an effective solution for you.

Fitness & Workout App Stats

With regards to fitness and workout stats, it is quite valuable to get the information for downloading such apps at the global level. This can help you to critically examine the data and arrive at the conclusion to download the best workout apps for you.

  • The global fitness market size has been valued at USD 1.54 billion in the year 2023. It has also been expected to grow at a rate of 17.7% from the year 2024 to the year 2030.
  • With the nationwide lockdowns and adoption of social distancing measures, people have moved forward to identify suitable best free workout apps and best apps for fitness tracking in order to remain fit and healthy while staying at home and remote locations.
  • This has resulted in shifting the interest of the population towards virtual fitness apps.

Fitness & Workout app stats

  • The above figure provides information based on the growth of the US fitness App Market, based on the above statistical data, it can be analyzed that the exercise and weight loss, activity tracking, and diet & nutrition market has been expected to grow from $434 million to the CAGR rate of 16.3% in 2030.
  • Thus, it can be stated that the need for identifying the best fitness app for weight loss has been of keen importance for people, nowadays along with the need to track activities and diet.

Fitness & Workout app stats

  • It can be stated that the most downloaded app during the year was Fitpro, followed by Da Fit and HryFine.
  • With the need to identify the best fitness apps, it is also essential to evaluate the timings of your diet. These top fitness apps are useful in evaluating the hours to have your breakfast, lunch, and dinner by stating the timings of having them and by illustrating the timings to take a break from your meal.
  • This phenomenon also refers to intermittent fasting deals with providing you with all the details and graphs tracking the number of hours helping you to remember, when to take a break and when to eat.

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Such kinds of apps can also assist you in identifying and critically comparing the best workout apps either for Android or for iOS.

As we proceed further, you might be curious to get the details about the best top fitness apps that can help you to identify measures to improve your health.

List of Top Fitness Apps 2024

To get the list of the best fitness apps, you can check below the information about the fitness apps along with the traits they possess.

1. Nike Training Club App

 Nike Training Club Fitness AppNike Training Club app (NTC) can assist you in achieving your fitness goal through the assistance of Nike’s world-class Nike Master Trainers. NTC is one of the most efficient apps among the best fitness training apps, for performing workouts at home, gym, and on the road. This contains everything from body weight to full-equipment workouts. The apps contain all the levels, whether from the beginner’s level to the professional level of workout.

Features and Traits

  • Agile training plans: The plan also provides you access to the 4-6 week training plans in order to cater to your routine fitness needs.
  • Customization and Prioritization: The app provides access to over 190 free workouts that assist you to gain an access over enhancing your strength, providing you the mobility for abs, shoulders, legs, and glutes.
  • Help you to discover new ways to perform workouts: It offers a set of recommended workouts as well as guidance from the masters of Nike, with the assistance for you to discover new ways of performing workouts.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

2. FitOn

FitOn Workouts & Fitness AppsFitOn is one of the leading digital wellness platforms that are effective in offering premium content. It also offers the widest variety along with unique social experiences. You can have access to fitness programming, educational content along nutrition plans while using this app. It offers a 100% free fitness plan with nothing to pay, hence, it is one of the best free workout apps.

Features and Traits

  • No Equipment Needed: One of the benefits of selecting this app is, that you do not need any kind of equipment while performing the exercises.
  • Unlimited access on screens: The platform allows unlimited variety to get access on any kind of screen whether it is Android or iOS.
  • Opportunity to work out with celebrity trainers: Here you can get a platform to workout with your favorite celebrities who will motivate you to attain your defined goals.
  • Multiple levels: You can start with the app, from any range and at any level.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

3. Burn.Fit

Burn Fit Fitness appFrom the detailed workout logs and insights on the exercise records, the Burn Fit is well suited for addressing your query on fitness. Therefore, it has been rated among the best fitness tracking apps and best fitness apps for weight loss. With the tagline “Smash Your Limit” the app assists you in pushing your limits in order to help you achieve your determined goals.

Features and Traits

  • Make the workouts more enjoyable: The app is useful for you to make the workouts more efficient, fun-loving, and enjoyable.
  • Helps you to organize, manage, and record: It is among the apps and rated as the best fitness app, due to its ability to manage, record, and organize the fitness parameters.
  • Provide personalization: It is among the parameters that provide the customers an aid to schedule their activities and workouts.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

4. Google Fit

Google Fit Fitness AppGoogle Fit is among the best fitness-tracking apps that are used to track fitness and is a health-tracking platform for the Android operating system.

An individual can track walks; runs as well as bike rides, along with one can check the workout history over all the devices. The app can also enable you to edit the activity listed on the apps, making it one of the best weight loss apps in the market.

Features and Traits

  • Helps to gain insights over real-time stats: It is an app, where, real-time stats are available; here one can see live information about the activities performed while running, bike riding, and taking a walk.
  • Reliability and measurability: The app provides reliability to measure time, steps, and calories. It is designed in a manner to provide you with detailed information regarding distance, weight, and elevation.
  • Delete and manage your data: Here you can find availability to manage the data and delete the activity along with deleting the location, where data is being stored in fit.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

5. Strava

 Strava Fitness AppStrava is a leading platform for movement and is an American internet service useful for tracking physical exercise, effective for adopting social network features. The apps have been started for outdoor cycling as well as running activities. Strava understands the efforts of people and every effort produced by an individual over their fitness is counted here.

Features and Traits

  • Global Company: One of the features that makes the company ahead of others is the organization is available at a global scale.
  • Helps to keep track of activity: The app is useful for tracking as well as analyzing each aspect of the activity performed by an individual.
  • Helps to socialize: It is effective to connect with friends and to socialize by sharing every adventure that you experience.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

6. Centr

Centr Fitness appCentr helps their customers to achieve their potential with the usage of tools, and motivation that can help you to fuel your daily routines. The fitness app understands the need for interconnected fitness, mental wellness, and nutrition. Here, with the best health coaches, the individual can identify the fitness equipment designed for you to power your routine.

Another amazing quality of this app is the design. Making it one of the best fitness app designs on the list.

Features and Traits

  • Understand the importance of smarter plans: The plans motivate you to make smarter goals, by tracking the progress and load.
  • Make the healthier plans: The app assists you in deciding the best health plan, to make exercise and fitness a fun-loving activity.
  • Personalized coaches: The app is designed in a manner to navigate your choices and promote the change that is required.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

7. Apple Fitness+

Apple Fitness AppApple Fitness+ is designed in a manner to support 12 different types of workouts that comprise yoga, high-intensity interval training, dance, kickboxing, and much more. App is from beginner level to advanced level, with a time range from 5 to 45 minutes. Here one can also develop custom plans that supercharge your experience.

Features and Traits

  • Innovations and creation: Here one can find new ways to work out and creative ways to deal with the workout challenges.
  • Real-time metrics: The customers can track real-time statistics from Apple watch, and supercharge the experience of fitness.
  • Remote apps: With Apple Fitness + an individual can perform the workout, at any time, any place, and at any level.

Platforms Available On: iOS

8. Peloton

Peloton Fitness AppsPeloton provides a new concept of fitness with the usage of current technology, and world-class instructors for empowering communities via fitness. It is designed in a way to offers a wide range of classes including running, cycling, yoga, and others. You can find the nearest person using the application and can connect with them which can facilitate you to trust the app.

Features and Traits

  • Custom classes: The app is made to provide custom classes along with the classes that are being made on demand by customers.
  • Live and recorded classes: Here one can get the live and recorded sessions both at one place to enjoy anytime fitness.
  • Provide your favorite music list: The music playlist is designed for each class to keep you motivated throughout the session.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

9. Daily Burn

Daily Burn workout appDaily Burn Workout app is among the best workout apps, as it offers gym-quality workout routines in the comfort of your home. The app does contain 365 workouts, which include a new way of fitness. Here one can get a personalized coach with a daily workout called DB365. This feature assists the user in measuring their fitness from the beginner to the professional level.

You also have the best fitness advice from the coaches while using this app.

Features and Traits

  • Affordable prices: The app offers fitness at reasonable prices and boosts a variety of cardio, yoga, and strength training.
  • Audio and video guidance available: The app includes real-time audio as well as video guidance from the trainers with the right techniques.
  • Diet guidance: Daily burns offer nutrition guidance and also assist in planning the meals for maintaining your diet.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

10. MyFitnessPal

My FitnessPal Fitness AppMyFitnessPal is an app that allows you to reach your health goals by tracking your food, fitness, and fasting. It focuses on calorie tracking to assist users in achieving their daily fitness goals. App offers an extensive database where you can connect with your friends for support and motivation. Users can unlock various features such as paid subscriptions after taking certain classes and videos for fitness.

Features and Traits

  • Nutrition and water tracking: At My Fitness Pal, an individual can track daily food intake and can also monitor their rate of being hydrated the whole day.
  • Daily Exercise tracking system: The app provides a daily exercise tracking system assisting the users to select and track their daily activities.
  • Provides you to avail community support: You can check and connect with your friends and can build a community online, with the ones you admire in fitness.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

11. Sweat: Fitness App for Women

Sweat Fitness appIf you are looking for the best fitness apps for women, Sweat can define you better. The app is specially designed for women and contains nutrition plans that can help you to attain your goals. Here women can find female fitness trainers right on phones. It is for any time, anywhere fitness. With the prominent safety feature, the end-user can also avail personalized guidance from the female coach.

Women can also find yoga guides in this app that can help them to improve their health.

Features and Traits

  • Effective workout programs: One can select suitable programs from a variety of programs available on the apps.
  • Progress tracking: The app also permits you to track your progress by having defined workout summaries.
  • Multi-language assistance: Within the apps, women can select multiple languages to find the best way to get trained.

Platforms Available On: iOS and Android

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In summary, we have presented the statistics and basics of fitness apps and their requirements in day-to-day activities. We provided a list of the best fitness apps that can assist you in selecting the best apps based on your fitness level.

With the growing range of competition in the fitness industry, it is crucial to find an app that is customer-centric and meets all the needs of your customers. Hence it is important to have the best workout app for enhancing your ability to connect with your target audience.


What are workout apps?

The workout apps are suitable applications dealing with anytime fitness in the comfort of your home. Here you can find multiple features that match your demand of remaining healthy and fit.

Which workout app is the best in the USA?

The best fitness apps for the USA can be listed as FitOn, peloton, burn fit, Google Fit and Apple Fitness +

Does workout apps worth using?

Yes! The workout apps are designed in a way that matches your routine and mood. They provide a way to look for overall health through attaining anytime fitness.

Do all workout apps are free to use?

The free workout apps are designed on different platforms, where a certain number of exercises and videos are free. However, you can unlock extra features within the app by making in-app purchases or through a paid subscription plan.

What are the benefits of using workout apps?

The workout app avails anytime and anywhere fitness, with the goal to customize the fitness plan for you. Some of them are designed in a way to monitor your progress and diet with personalization and customization options.