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Custom Beauty Saloon App Development vs Ready Made
Beauty Saloon Apps: What’s Best For You

Can’t choose between custom salon app development services and ready-made mobile apps? Let’s see why custom salon booking app developments are perfect for your business. The comparison is, as mentioned below:

Custom Beauty Saloon App
  • image Beauty Saloon app development services give you a focused product with specialized scope.
  • imageWith custom Saloon app development, the client has total control over the development process.
  • image When client builds salon apps via custom app development, they only have to pay one time.
  • image As the name suggests, custom Beauty Saloon apps are totally personalized as per client needs.
  • image Custom salon apps’ security standards can be made as per clients' needs.
  • image Here, a custom Beauty Saloon app can be filled with custom and advanced features.
  • image Custom beauty saloon app development solutions are completely exclusive.
Ready-Made Beauty Saloon Apps
  • image A readymade app like uber is a generalized Solution with scattered scope.
  • image No control over the development process since the product is ready-made.
  • image The client has to pay a regular subscription fee to keep using the ready-made beauty app.
  • image Since the client has no say in the development or final product, there is no room for customization.
  • image Ready-made Beauty Saloon apps aren’t known for their security standards.
  • image Beauty Saloon apps sold ready-made have basic features and no room to add custom ones.
  • image Ready-made solutions for Beauty Saloon service apps aren’t exclusive.

Build Beauty Saloon App

Create a Beauty Saloon app today with the best Beauty Saloon App Development Company in North Carolina, Reach out to us now.

Top-Notch Salon App Development Services

We AppIt offers top-notch salon app development services delivering custom salon apps based on your business needs. Here’s why you should choose us as your beauty salon app development company.


Budget-Friendly Solutions

As a leading mobile app and web development company in North Carolina, We AppIt offers a salon app solution that helps you deliver value to your customers without hurting your pocket.


Business Growth

Want to grow your business? Our salon app development solutions from We AppIt help your business grow, streamline operations, and generate skyrocketing revenue. We are here to help you.


Fast Time To

You don’t have to wait for your market-leading Beauty Saloon app for years, with fast time to market; our salon app development solutions are ready in no time without compromising the quality.

Stellar Beauty And Salon App Development

We AppIt is a leading beauty app development company that has the perfect formula for business success. To taxi beauty and salon app development to the next level, we fill it with perfect features. Allowing your users



The user can register themselves on the beauty salon app using different methods. This includes phone numbers, e-mail, social media, Google Account, Apple ID, and so on. This enables cross-device synchronization.


Explore Services

Salon app development solutions allow customers to explore beauty saloon’s offerings on the app. They can explore the offering or even ask for custom beauty services. As such, they have an in-app communication feature.


Book An Appointment

Once the user has decided which beauty saloon service they want, this feature of the app allows them to book an appointment. Depending on the platform, users may order on-demand services to their homes or book appointments at the salon.


Rating & Review

Once the beauty services are delivered, customers can leave reviews and ratings on the stylist and/or beauty salon. This is an essential feature of the platform.


eWallet Integration

eWallet integration is a must-have feature for every Beauty Saloon app that allows users to pay for service without any hassle. There are several payment options like cards, in-app wallets, and so on.



Just like the rider, the stylist also gets a feature through which they can register themselves on the platform via various methods. This includes their phone number, e-mail ID, Google account, and so on.


Accept/Deny Request

Once the customer creates an appointment request, the stylist has the option to either accept the request or deny it based on the status.


Connect With User

This feature of the stylist panel allows the stylist to connect with customers via in-app messaging, and calling regarding the information. This is yet another core feature of the mobile app.


Update Status

As the name suggests, this feature of the salon app allows the stylist to update their service status through the app. This allows users and admins to view the status of their app.


Payment Management

Just like the user side of the app comes with eWallet integration, the stylist side has its own counterpart known as payment management where they can receive and manage ride payments.


User Base Management

As a leading Beauty Saloon app development company, we fit the admin panel of the Beauty Saloon app with user base management. This allows the admin to remove inactive accounts and manage active ones.


Service Inventory Management

The admin panel’s inventory management allows the admin team to add, remove, or edit services available on the platform. This is an important feature of the salon app.


Revenue Management

The platform has a lot of revenue flow. Therefore, as a Beauty Saloon app development company, we fit revenue management features in the admin panel. This is an essential feature of the salon application.


Analytics Tools

A lot of businesses learn from their analytical data about market and customer behavior, this allows them to improve and grow. That’s why we include the must-have analytical tools in the admin panel of the Beauty Saloon app


Campaign Management

In order to generate revenue a lot of platforms display ads and paid promotions. Therefore, it’s important to include the campaign management feature which allows the admin to manage and create advertisements.

Technology Stack For Salon App Development Solutions

We AppIt Right as a leading on-demand beauty salon app development company use the best technologies and tools to create growth-promoting solutions.

Do You Have An Idea?

If you have an app development idea that you believe can change the world, talk to us. We have the right skills and technology to bring your idea to reality.

Beauty Saloon Application Development Process

Our experienced team of professional developers follows a well-planned development process to ensure successful beauty salon solutions. Our development process is, as mentioned below:


Analysis & Planning

As a professional Beauty Saloon app development company, our first step is to analyze the client’s project requirements and create a development plan accordingly, that maximizes value and drives business success.



After planning is done, our team focuses on researching everything that needs to be looked at and gaining as much information as possible. This creates a base for the development of the next steps of the development process.



With We AppIt, you hire Beauty Saloon app developers with years of experience and expertise. That’s why before the development process we create a wireframe to give clients a glimpse of the final process and visualize the idea.



This is the part where our team of professional mobile app developers create the final version of the Beauty Saloon app and write the source code for it. This is the longest step of the Beauty Saloon app development process.



After the app is developed, it is tested by the QA team to make sure the app is up to the industry standards and there are no bugs or errors. After all the necessary changes are made, the app is sent for deployment.



As the best mobile app and web development company in North Carolina, USA we help you with everything from development to deployment. We deliver end-to-end solutions.

Our Portfolio

Explore our top projects and success stories with clients across the world.


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Frequently Asked Question

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Beauty Saloon app Development Company.

If you want to hire mobile app developers for your business, all you need to do is reach out to We AppIt. We offer a range of hiring models that you can choose from. So reach out to us.

We AppIt transfer the ownership and rights of the code of your salon application to your business at the end of the development process.

We AppIt cares for their clients as well as the originality of their ideas, therefore, we always sign NDA before starting the project. Therefore, you as a client don’t have to worry about anything.

We AppIt is a renowned Beauty Saloon app development company based in North Carolina, USA. We offer end-to-end solutions covering everything from ideation to deployment. So, the answer is yes, we do deploy the Beauty Saloon app after development.

We AppIt right offer many advanced integrations including a range of payment gateway. You can choose from:

  • PayPal.
  • Paytm Business.
  • Stripe Connect.
  • Apple Pay.
  • GoCardless.
  • Razorpay.
  • Bolt.
  • Payoneer.
  • PayJunction

Beauty salon app development cost ranges from $15,000 to $150,000. It depends on various factors like development platform, tech stack, complexity, and so on.

To know more about the same, reach out to We AppIt, a market-leading salon booking app development company.

Our teams of professional app developers offer salon booking app development services that are growth-promoting and result driven. Therefore, we only deploy solutions when they are absolutely stable.

Our Beauty Saloon app development process is, as mentioned below:

  • Analysis & Planning
  • Research
  • Wireframe
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment

Client Testimonials

Our clients love us. Here are a few kind words of appreciation.



“They provided the best solutions according to my specific business needs. They know their work and understand our needs for our type of business. Although I had the idea, I had no knowledge about how to make the idea happen, but the team made it clear and easy for me to continue my project! They care about doing a good job, and I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Thank you! Looking forward to working with you again!!.


Uri. S

(New York, United States)



We hired We AppIt for web development services related to our edtech platform, Glu Learning. They integrated well with our team to solve all the problems and deliver remarkable solutions. Their team have great command of both client side and server side technology. We highly appreciate and recommend their services.


Ryan Williams

(United Arab Emirates)



“We AppIt successfully delivered a visually impressive website that has received healthy traffic figures. They demonstrate a systematic and collaborative approach to project management, creating an easygoing engagement. Their extensive knowledge is evident in the final product. Hence, I recommend them as the best web application development company in london.


Francis Ejiegbu

(London, United Kingdom)

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